Monday, May 17, 2010

"Corrupted voters deserve a corrupt government"

"Corrupted voters deserve a corrupt government"

"Corrupted voters deserve a corrupt government", these are the words being said by a writer regarding to the current state in the Province of Pampanga, wherein the infamous Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo won as congresswoman of the second district while her ally, Lilia Pineda as Governor of the province itself.

These two people somehow are being criticized by the people as "corrupt" and "money-centric" politicians who emphasized much in their activities that, instead of using their utilities for the perennial growth and development, ending up utilized for limited provincial growth and worse? For personal uses like electioneering and the like. And yet, they won amidst high criticism, including those from Pampanga who insist for change not contentment.

And like the infamous Macabebes who exchanged loyalty for bucks, somehow the people from the second district exchanged their supposedly ideas and aspirations for a few bucks and meaningless development being made before the election day-as Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who in fact trying to become "Fuhrer und Reichkanzler" of the Philippines utilized the second district, giving limited infrastructure made "courtesy of hers" to accumulate votes, and worse, supporting her friend infamous for the illegal numbers game within the province?

We are supposed to curtail her road leading to her attempt becoming a "Fuhrer und Reichkanzler" though becoming a Congresswoman and eventually Speaker of the House by having more of her constituents loyally standing by her side whilst the Liberals and others desperately trying to block her path to doom, noticing that being a Congresswoman, then advocating charter change, is also a means to act ala Adolf Hitler: grabbing powers as a Chancellor, then grabbing the powers from a weak President to become a "Fuhrer!"

And using Pampanga as its bulwark? Along with the Pineda Clique? It really shows the ultimate but desperate means of these people to gain more power, using the province along with other allied provinces as a power base, utilizing money and even given people bread and circuses for the sake of getting votes and eventually a stepping stone to a new phase of power that the people ought to call as tyranny.

"Corrupt voters deserve a corrupt government." For that is what the people hath wanted for.