Saturday, May 29, 2010

SK Puppet NIS provocation against UK KFA and JISGE

SK Puppet NIS provocation against UK KFA and JISGE
by Dermot Hudson

Yesterday one UK KFA member had gone to the Democracy Village/Peace camp protest outside the Houses of Parliament.Another UK KFA member decided to go there to see the camp for himself and discuss the current situation in Korea with him.

They became aware of an East Asian looking man with a camera hanging around near them and watching them.One KFA member went and handed him the leaflet "Defend the DPRK the True Peoples Welfare".'Ah I am a Korean' said the individual and immediately started to vociferate about "north Korean refugees London",this alerted us and made us suspicious as previously UK KFA had been anonymously threatened on UK Indymedia with being beaten up by such people.Moreover if there is such a thing as 'north Korean defectors " in London they would be under the control of the south Korean National Intelligence Service(formerly KCIA,formerly Agency for National Security Planning), as all who defect and betray the DPRK are screened by the NIS,and possibly MI5 and MI6 as well.Those working with 'defectors' are likely to be NIS agents themselves or close to it.

This person gave his name as Chun or Chung and said he was a documentary film maker. He repeated in a simplistic form the usual propaganda against the DPRK ,when challenged and asked whether he had been there he said no,when one of us said he had been there several times he made no reaction nor asked any questions about the visit.We asked for his name card but he said he did not have one which was strange for a documentary film maker.We asked him about the NIS which produced a nervous laugh.

He scurried and scuttled about the place in a suspicious manner.

UK KFA has been the target of abusive postings on Indymedia so clearly we are been targeted from somewhere.