Monday, May 10, 2010

Seeing the same people on top of the rank

Seeing the same people on top of the rank

Yesterday, while watching the results of the elections, I simply sought same people rising amongst the ranks especially in the senate slot. Seeing "Nonsense" and "Elitist-inclined" politicians seemingly starting to rejoice as if they "have won" the seats in the Senate.

As according to the latest election results:

1 BONG REVILLA, Ramon, Jr. B. 16,548,779
2 ESTRADA, Jinggoy E. 16,248,428
3 DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, Miriam P. 14,850,051
4 DRILON, Franklin M. 13,580,900
5 ENRILE, Juan Ponce -. 13,446,425
6 CAYETANO, Pilar Juliana S. 11,755,805
7 MARCOS, Ferdinand, Jr. R. 11,365,769
8 RECTO, Ralph G. 10,610,588
9 SOTTO , Vicente III C. 10,214,844
10 OSMEÑA, Sergio III D. 9,936,935
11 LAPID, Manuel M. 9,336,542
12 GUINGONA , Teofisto III D. 8,824,041

And based on this election results, These "TraPos" as what the people hath called them, seemed to be motivated much by trend and popularity and not by the ideas being advocated by their respective groups, including long-term platforms and the like. And this time accompanying new people like the Rejectionist Hontiveros, as well as Bong Bong Matcos, and Teofisto Guingona III. The rest are re-electionists who, as what I expect-continuing the legacy of their so-called "tradition."

How come the people voted these hell-of-a-kind people (except to those who are seriously working)? Was it out of contentment, That these people may do "change" but in fact bannering it?

In fact, I consider Cayetano, Pimentel, Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, Adel Tamano, and other progressive leaning candidates as suitable for a bloc advocating change, but then how come people preferred the "good old days" than calling for a genuine change in this hell of a kind society? As according to Timothy Fajota:
"That the candidates topping the senatorial list have all familiar names; that the names Ocampo, Maza, Lim, Querubin, among others representing and fighting for real change, are not on the top 12, reflects the people's yearning for the 'good old days'."
True is what he expected, then with BongBong and if possible, with Hontiveros? Bah! What a crappy bloc then.

In addition to that,
Aside from being endorsed by artists, playing catchy music to getting endorsed by the Iglesia ni Cristo, these people may also considered bets of several warlord candidates in every province-showing how these politicos even wanted to accumulate votes including getting endorsed by a landlord or a warlord regardless of crimes against the people-like Ampatuan supporting Aquino?

In assessing these people still controlling with new guys sitting on the Senate, as well as a new administration, tainted by yellow, orange and green, I really think that another catastrophe will come through along with the same problems to be discussed, if not then true is what the old Quezon said of:
"I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however a bad Filipino government might be, we can always change it."

And if that is the case,
Welcome to hell politicos and People of the Philippines!