Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long live the land of Juche the independent socialist DPRK!

Long live the land of Juche the independent socialist DPRK!
from Dermot Hudson

Lets support the glorious and dignified DPRK the land of Juche and Songun against the provocation of the fascist Yankee imperialists and the south Korean fascist puppet scabs!

I have been reflecting on the DPRK with its advanced socialist system, a system chosen by the popular masses and centring on them.A system that provides free health care free education,full employment and has no taxation.It is incomparably superior to the anti popular puppet ruling system in south Korea.South Korea is a fake and marionette, It is in south Korea where millions are out of work,where people starve and where people commit suicide in big numbers even the imperialists admit that.

If the US imperialists and SK fascist puppets attack the DPRK then the DPRK ,the independent power of Songun,will fight the final battle to reunifiy the country destroying for good the miserable and sycophantic puppet regime and its ruling system.Juche idea followers must support this. Let us step up our study and exposure of the reactionary puppet nature of south Korea!

One proposal is for UK KFA and JISGE to hold a seminar on the nature of the south Korean puppet regime and human rights abuses in south Korea.

Lets uphold the DPRK the independent Songun power and smash the south Korean puppets !