Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheonam ship incident is a fabrication from South Korea and the USA

Cheonam ship incident is a fabrication from South Korea and the USA

A statement by Alejandro Cao De Benos
President, Korean Friendship Association

1. Why South Korea rejected the team offered by the North?

DPR Korea has publicly offered several times to dispatch a team from its People’s Army to clarify the incident and demonstrate its innocence. South Korea did not allow it. This amounts to a case without probed evidence, without defense for the accused. A court staged to justify an imperialist aggression and military buildup of US pacific forces. Same like Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction yet to be found.

2.Who is using Chinese characters?

The DPR of Korea, proud of its roots and culture, never uses Chinese characters in any products made in the country. Since many years ago, the DPRK produce its own tanks, submarines or torpedoes relying on its military self-sufficient industry. This is the reason always USA has regarded weapon manufacturing as the main export of DPRK. All weapons manufactured by DPRK uses Korean alphabet, but the following news from Yonhap, again talk about Chinese Characters on the torpedo fragments.
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N. Korea used Chinese-made torpedo in attack on S. Korean ship

SEOUL, 2010 May 19 (Yonhap) -- Investigators have concluded that North Korea attacked a South Korean naval ship in March with a Chinese-made torpedo as they found Chinese writing in torpedo fragments collected from the scene, a senior government source said Wednesday. "Chinese- and Russian-made torpedoes, respectively, have the Chinese and Russian languages written inside," the source said. "Chinese was written in torpedo" fragments collected from the scene where the 1,200-ton patrol ship Cheonan broke in half and sank on March 26, he said.
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It is South Korea the one that regularly uses Chinese in all their manufactured items, including weapons or torpedoes. In this story from Yonhap News (South Korean agency), on 25th May 2010, we can see a ceremony of a torpedo manufacturing facility. Under the Korean alphabet, we can read Chinese characters.

Torpedo factory dedicated

2010. May 25, JINHAE, South Korea -- A tape-cutting ceremony is held to mark the completion of a new torpedo manufacturing factory inside South Korea's Naval
Logistics Command in Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province, on May 25. (Yonhap)

3.How does a ‘Number 1’ links a weapon to a certain country?

Seeing this picture from Reuters, seems that the only ‘evidence’ is just an imagination, a number 1 written by ‘anyone’, this time in Korean language. Didn’t South Korea reported originally that Chinese characters were written in the torpedo? How can suddenly appear a new Korean Character written by a blue pencil? (not embossed)

The following is a picture released by South Korea about the blueprint of
supposed North Korea torpedo. The differences between the blueprint (and new layer) and the real found weapon are clear. Specially in piece number 3, we can see that the position of the piece does not match at all with the blueprint.

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