Friday, May 28, 2010

In defence of North Korea

In defence of North Korea
by Katleah Iskre Ulrike


I strongly condemn the South Korean efforts to discredit North Korea out of a certain problem regarding the recent crisis happened. As we all know that the two Koreas are still in the middle of a silent war, wherein propaganda and simple action were undertaken on both sides.

Noticing their opportunism to destroy fellow Koreans at the behest of the imperialists, according to the Korean Central News Agency, it even said that:

"The Korean people have been indignant at the anti-DPRK confrontation escalated by the south Korean puppets since the sinking of their warship "Cheonan."
And even condemning the attempts made by the Fascist South Korean Lee Myung-Bak government in interfering North Korean affairs in the name of their "Reunification", which in fact a means to occupy and integrate in capitalist and fascist oppression like those of military-supported Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo-hwan regimes. While others may criticize North Korea for its internal policies, but we cannot ignore the fact that North Korea has strived to defend itself against U.S. impositions and threats of attacks like the Cheonan incident which is also an attempt made by South Korea to infiltrate the socialist state. That in the end calling all the reactionary leaning countries to join against North Korea in accordance to "war against terrorism" and the like.

And according to the weekly Chosun Ilbo, it said regarding the crisis pointing against North Korea:
"...The new Cold War triggered by the North Korean torpedo attack has ramifications beyond inter-Korean relations. China would come under tremendous pressure if U.S. aircraft carriers converge on the West Sea for joint military exercises with South Korea while the two allies conduct maritime blockade drills. The torpedo has shattered the shared foundation that the U.S. and China had built up through the six-party nuclear talks. If Beijing-Washington relations sour, both North and South Korea stand to suffer the most."
This possibility, driven by Fascist exaggeration, and fueled by imperialist ambition would again create a chaotic outcome not just in Korea but the world in general. Sensing that the attempts made by the exploiters, from creating blockades,counter-propaganda, to resumption of attacks would lead to their demise.

And since the Philippines, though its reactionary-leaning government likely to join on the side of the exploiters like those of the Korean War days, may again likely to become a "safe heaven" for fascists as well as the imperialists like the US. As well as in defence of their interests, can't condemn their crimes against the Korean people, and thus created bitter enemies, that makes every reactionary-leaning country like the US and the Philippines a "no-place safe" from revolutionary attacks and its allies.

In accordance to defending North Korea and its right for defence and its will for unification:
1.) We demand the end to attacks, whether attempt or not against North Korea.
2.) We demand the withdrawal of US soldiers from South Korea.
3.) We demand all progressive and peace loving peoples to block all attempts, like the United Nations and other reactionary-leaning and supported organizations to create expeditionary forces, like the Philippines et al. to support the Fascist Lee Myung-Bak regime.
4.) We demand the end for naval and air blockade attempts against North Korea.
5.) We demand all peace loving and progressive countries to unite against fascism, imperialism, and capitalism and for the peaceful reunification of two Koreas under the Juche-Songun principle.

We demand a just and meaningful peace, but then we demand to respect North Korea's will to defend its independence and is will to reunification with the south and an end to Imperialism under the United States and its cohorts. Somehow as according to a letter from Dermot Hudson and said:
"...It is positive that the DPRK has hit back by severing ties with the south Korean fascist puppets,now we need to organise and mobilise in support of the DPRK,the land of Juche.Lets campaign to expose the lies of the US imperialists and all reactionaries!

Friends of the DPRK must be prepared for the eventuality of an actual attack on the DPRK by the US imperialists and south Korean fascist puppets Lets mount not only a campaign to defend the DPRK but an anti south Korean puppet campaign.We must expose the reactionary, neo colonial,dependent and decadent nature of south Korea.Too many on the UK left have illusions about South Korea so lets call a spade a spade-south Korea is fascist and puppet and it must be smashed.Too many academics,politican s are taking money from south Korea. South Korea is an artifical creation of the US,its rulers are traitors who have brought in outside forces to divide the Korean nation. Defence of the DPRK is also a central part of the anti US,anti imperialist ,anti-globalisation struggle.All opponents of globalisation should support the DPRK!"

May the peoples of both Koreas unite against fascist oppression, militarism, capitalism through the efforts of the Korean Peoples Army and the Korean Workers Party.