Thursday, May 13, 2010

Facing another Mess

Facing another Mess

The election hath end up, leaving crumpled papers, controversies and election related scandals and violence away or taken as part of history, and on June 30, another leader will swear at millions of people promising peace and plenty throughout the land.

Many people may notice that kind of leader is like a messiah that may redeem the nation from eternal mess, mess that made the nation suffered a la malignant cancer tumor throughout the years, being bandaged by senseless reforms, countermeasures and the like. But then, Not all things could be countered much by placing band-aid solutions and senseless reforms as what we may expect. The elites may approve and banner it while doing the contrary, and at the same time we'll facing protests out of anomalies as the new Head of State and of the Government started to work on its first 100 days of his term.

True, for he (or she) as a leader ought to face it...or not. As according to the PRWC blogs made last May 13, it said:
"...Once Aquino (the President-elect)assumes power on June 30, the Filipino people are intent on immediately confronting his presidency with the most pressing issues arising from the basic political and socio-economic problems they have been suffering under the prevailing rotten semi-colonial and semifeudal system."

True as what I or the rest expect from him that he may confront the basic problems being left by the Arroyo administration, and doing the same procedure from utilizing Jesuitism courtesy of the Ateneo-bred economists and individuals to accepting Provincial-bred, ignorant wingnuts like those of Palparan and Alcover, it would be possible-that instead of making the nation free from its bondage, suffer.

How come I said it?
Well... In a rotten society, having a PCOS machine being used in the last elections is also a cosmetic and a means for the Comelec, and even the Government itself to brag that the elections became modernised and automated, while at the same time using the Elections in general not to generate change as the mainstream media said-but to vote for politicians for the goddamn sake of the good old days and thus being elected by the people! In addition to that, How come the people voted, or I should say re-elected old, contented politicians and yet they yearn for change? Aren't they supposed to vote for new blood alongside old but capable ones instead on contenting to the good old days wherein despite supposed "progress" lies rampant poverty, corruption, and even contented in the dictates of the Imperialists like the United States.

The fact lies in voting Ralph Recto, who pushed through the Extended Value Added Tax that makes the people pay more and spend less in commodities due to price increases while the taxes being paid by establishments, individuals end up in the hands of corrupt officials, paying debts or financing militarism in curbing those who are against the anti-people policies of the state. And Lito Lapid, who allegedly created "Lapid Law" which in fact sponsoring a law made by a legislator in the House of Representatives and the same person who, like Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada won out of popularity as an artist! Bah! How come these people, whether they are from the Senate and in the House of Representatives voted them despite the problems that may allegedly directly pointing to them? Especially Recto et al.? Just because he joined the yellow caravan after leaving Arroyo?

In addition to that,
Noticing that most of the elected officials are "re-elected" for the goddamn sake of the good old days, it seems that the society we live in is nothing but a piece of crap slapped in our faces, especially those who yearn for change. The youth? They are being socially experimented using "culture" and "future" but in fact, despite voting for a "good" politician they are too "apathetic" to meet the demands, or I should say, thinking much of themselves, as what the wingnuts, the Ayn Rand worshipers, and the like advocated towards these helpless creatures save to those whom they call "terrorists".

All of these are a part and may contribute in the growing mess, in which that the puppet reactionary state will continue to be rocked, especially by contradictions among the ruling classes who contributed in creating a massive mess administration after administration and by the intensification of the people's struggles who dared to stop it. True to the words that the late Manuel Quezon hath said, that in fact a perennial prophesy, fate towards us Pilipinos unless we wanted an absolute social change:
"I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however a bad Filipino government might be, we can always change it."
And if that's the case, that is the endless contribution of politics in this goddamned society-of creating mess throughout our lives.

The era of EDSA Dos is over, and the Messidorian Reaction, starting on the assumption of Benigno Aquino III as president on June 30, 2010 has about to begin.