Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Statement of UK KFA on the severance of ties with south Korea


Statement of UK KFA on the severance of ties with south Korea

London 26th May 2010 Juche 99

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued the following statement.We resolutely support the just stand expressed in the statement of the Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea on May 25th to sever all ties with the south Korean puppets.

The responsibility for the break in inter Korean relations lies entirely with the Lee Myung Bak puppet clique of south Korea which has pursued crazy ultra rightist policies since its inception.It has travelled a road of sycphancy and treachery and made south Korea dependent on the US imperialists. It cooked up the Cheonan incident in co operation with outsiders to the Korean nation.The so called evidence was shown to the US imperialists and British and Australian reactionaries but not to the DPRK NDC inspection team.

The Lee Myung Bak clique have strained the situation to unprecedented extremes.Therefore the DPRK's stance of severing ties is just and logical and defends the interests of the Korean people. Progressives peoples of the world must expose the south Korean puppet regime more thoroughly and wage struggle against it.