Friday, May 21, 2010

A meaningless justification

A meaningless justification

"This is for your own good."
These are the words an elder used to say to the young, reasons that may compell to as they coerce them to do the job, acts as they were. But most of the time that verse hath gone too far as it continue being justified, and why?

Based on my experiences as a child, that word seemed to be a "just" justification in order to do such thing to please my parent's wishes but contrary to my ideas I being carried. True, for as I expect, that these people are acting too much on their authority while giving us needs to satisfy our appetites.

But then, not all times that word be substituted for meaningless reasons. To the fact that it becomes a sort of excuse of parents like "I am your mother" or "You are living in this house and you need to obey the rules!" True, for those words, although stingy (my term) becomes a justifiable cause like masters ordering their servants to do their work-with or without any welfare.

As a 20 year old person, that in fact needs a bit of autonomy in lieu of independence hath "turned down" and speaking undesirable causes over against me? True, to the fact that they assail my friends who done nothing to do against them and yet they assail?

I really notice that all of them, supposedly bearers of authority in a cell called family are becoming dictatorial in some way, of condemning them, generalizing too negatively as much as I, and even thinking much badly as a basis for further argument I against them? True to the fact that you condemn my friends, and even I much and their "supposedly acts" as "Chaotic?"

But then, not all of them, my friends are worthy of what they said so since none they hath met them personally. And yet as they condemn them, ending up arguing with me, boasting our differences, speaking up in our behalves opposing only to justify, from their words that they are not someone else, mom or dad, speaking of their means to demoralize me and telling that theirs is my "good?"

Bah! I really expect those meaningless causes and reasons. I know much right and wrong before justifying their "meaningful but hollow" phrases such as those to justify. Their authoritative cause much of "without ifs or buts" in any way to say that this is my "good." -A childlike ignorant being without any cause except theirs and fated to be their peon? I really expect this, to the fact that I really condemn them very much as they condemn me... and my friends out of thy meaningless, unrealistic arrogance clothed as "cause."