Sunday, May 30, 2010

Japanese Militarists Glaringly Reveal Their True Colors

Japanese Militarists Glaringly Reveal Their True Colors

I found an interesting and controversial picture from a blogsite aligned with North Korea this day. And thus I really sought how these Japanese people intentionally unveil its colours as they swore alongside the Imperialists-pointing against North Korea.

No captions from Songun Blog are necessary as this picture speaks for itself. And it says "Japanese militarists are fascist".

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A Japanese militarist performing the infamous nazi salute of the Hitler-era German fascists,
thus glaringly revealing the true colors of the Japanese militarists and their evil intents
towards the DPRK.

And for information,
Some members of the Japanese Imperial Army, like former members of the Nazi Party in Germany were used by the U.S. Imperialists in the name of "anti-Communist" crusades and spreading chauvinistic messages, glorifying dictatorships and the like. Also involved in creating the World Anti-Communist League, involving controversial personalities like Jorge Videla, Ante Pavelic and Francisco Franco.

And in response to this said picture, somehow people around the world, especially progressive, antifascist and peace-loving personalities, individuals and groups may witness that Japan, aside from aligning with the Fascist South Korean Lee Myung-Bak clique and the Imperialist U.S. trying to boast again its wingnut side, and if this persist-would eventually hasten its downfall like 1945.

"Lucky" that the Japanese surrendered to the Americans, if not then it would be pleasing if the Soviets occupied them due to proximity from Vladivostok to Kyushu and from Sakhalin to Hokkaido.