Monday, November 15, 2010

Korea Speeds Up the Building of Thriving Nation

Korea Speeds Up the Building of Thriving Nation

In Songun Korea , a mysterious country in the East, the building of a socialist powerful country is going on in full swing.

There a great innovation and upsurge took place where more than 250 structures newly sprang up and key industrial enterprises and factories accomplished their annual assignments ahead of schedule.

The Kimchaek Iron and Steel Complex, a big metallurgical base of Korea , successfully completed the steel production method without using coke in the furnace of Juche iron and established the Juche iron production system by high-speed deoxidization using exclusively the lignite abundantly available in Korea . This is a great revolution in metallurgical industry.

A modern vinalon factory went online in the February 8 Vinalon Complex to produce a stream of the Juche vinalon and with newly updated processes the production of quality vinalon threads and clothes was ensured on a high regular basis.

In the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex a large-scale anthracite gasfication process was newly equipped and one more streamlined process replenished so as to guarantee the advance of the fertilizer industry of Korea with the Juche character.

Taegyedo tideland appeared on the West Sea of Korea with the arable land equivalent to that of one flat county changing the map of Korea and dams are being built at the construction site of the Huicheon hydropower station.

In the Cheollima Steel Complex the ultra-high power arc furnace No.2 was built and succeeded in pilot operation, the construction of alloyed steel production base and updating project of revolving furnace No.3 at the Bosan Steel Plant were completed, and the oxygen separator with the capacity of 550 cubic meters was fixed, further consolidating the production foundation.

In the Ryongsong Machine Complex the Songun Iron Foundry and the Songun Compressor Workshop were set up on a cutting-edge level to bring about a fresh turn in cast-iron product and compressor making.

In the electricity, coal, mining industries and railway transport sectors, too, the flames of great upsurge got ablaze.

Light industry and agricultural sectors also witnessed a rapid progress and great innovation.

A great number of projects to contribute to the development of the country’s education, science and culture were completed.

A superb e-library was built at Kim Il Sung University so that the university dignified with the august name of President Kim Il Sung could pride itself as an education and science edifice prominent in the world and dynamically propel the development of the country’s education and sciences.

A fresh turn in modernizing the communications, realizing the information network in the national economy and further improving the social and cultural level took place including the setting up of hundreds of relay stations for the expansion of nationwide mobile communications network.

A drive for realizing the CNC-based technology was vigorously conducted in Korea . The Korean scientists and technicians displayed their mettle as dominators of the CNC technology, developed the 9-axis turning processing central lathe, an up-to-date apparatus, and produced many CNC-specific equipments as they designed, providing a solid foundation to remarkably develop all sectors of the economic construction.

Along with the major fields of the national economy including the machine, metal, electricity, coal industries and railway transport, even small factories in local industry also introduced the CNC technology, resulting in the establishment of computerized control system in lots of factories and enterprises across the country and putting the level of scientification and information on a new higher stage.

Today, Korea is advancing straightforward in building a socialist thriving nation.

In the near future Songun Korea led by leader Kim Jong Il, the great sun of Songun, will shout hurrah for the socialist thriving nation, giving a delight to the progressive humankind and a tremor to the imperialists and reactionaries.