Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving an online hecking is good-except for officials who destructively do so.

Giving an online hecking is good-
except for officials who destructively do so for goddamn sake.

Regarding Mai Mislang's misconduct as a Government official
using Twitter as her unofficial heckling arm

By Lualhati Madlangawa Guererro

Last week, we heard about news reports regarding this hell of a kind mess made by a Government official. This is not related to graft and corruption cases, fascist atrocities and the like-except creating heck through a social networking site.

These are the statements that shook the relationships between two countries seeking to renew friendship and respect, and it said:

"The wine sucks"
"There are no handsome people here"
"Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die."

These statements show how rude that government official made against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. She may've enjoyed the trip with the President as part of the staff, but how come she, through her Twitter account said so? Telling that the wine tastes bad or Vietnamese men as ugly beings? What if that wine doesn't came from Vietnam and instead from France during that kind of event? Will she say so?

That tweet Mislang did was more of an heckling than of a criticism. Lucky if she said so if that regime she've cooperated was more of an anti-Communist right wing one who assails the red bloc like those of Vietnam ala Jun Alcover or Jovito Palparan. Speaking of a right wing bloc-how come the Secretary of National Defence had entered a pact with Vietnam's Defence ministry, yet they remained aloof when it comes to the peace process with the domestic left like the National Democratic Front of the Philippines? Bah! These hell of a kind people went to Vietnam for a mere agreement, then having picture on the background of Ho Chi Minh's bust yet they are still reactive when it comes to domestic issues even failed to develop its own backyard!

How come Aquino and his entire retinue, like those of the Arroyos tried to curry favor with the socialists like those of Vietnam the way Arroyo on China? For Rice and business? Again, their trying hard connections with the socialist states became as if "a desperate tendency" while at the same time, sacrificing their so called "ideal" of "not to interfere in those red scum" even the promises made by former ambassador Narciso Ramos, who spoke of preferring camotes over rice from China.

And as for Vietnam, it must rather focus much on feeding its own people and focus on self reliance as socialist countries. They need some series of criticism and self criticism for that since they sacrificed their objective for goddamn sake of trade with foreign countries, instead of supporting the oppressed masses in accordance to internationalist principles. Its like exchanging internationalism for globalization!

Since these countries, both socialist and capitalist, undergone a degree of "peaceful coexistence", how come people like Mislang made a statement far from those who spoke of "peaceful coexistence" with socialists? God forbid, was she wanted to create havoc over relationships by saying "the wine sucks" and "Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die." God forbid, but what she did was nearly tantamount to advocacy of scrapping relations with the Vietnamese, negating "peaceful coexistence" in its essence.

She's lucky enough that she's been fired by the administration, worse if she expects a death threat, a literal death threat from the Vietnamese government-whose justice system also includes shoot to kill orders.