Monday, November 15, 2010

Heightened Vigilance against West's "Aid Diplomacy" Called for-KCNA

Heightened Vigilance against West's "Aid Diplomacy" Called for

Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) -- It is necessary to heighten vigilance against the West's "aid diplomacy", observes Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a signed article.

Noting that the imperialists' "assistance" is just like a lever for exploitation as it is designed to loot ten, nay, a hundred for offering one and a trap for economic subjugation, the article stresses that herein lie the hypocrisy and reactionary nature of the imperialists' "aid diplomacy".

It goes on:

The imperialists are now becoming craftier in their methods to tighten the economic subjugation and intensify plunder of other countries with their "assistance" as bait. At present Western countries are selecting the countries to be aided by them strictly on the principle of ensuring effectiveness of investment.

The above-said diplomacy is being used as a lever for interfering in the internal affairs of developing countries, bringing into bolder relief its brigandish and reactionary nature and danger. When giving "aid" to other countries the U.S. puts main emphasis on "military assistance."

There are many examples showing that the U.S. used the "aid diplomacy" for putting its political plots into practice. A typical example of this was that the U.S. halted its "aid" to Nicaragua for the mere reason that there was not democracy in the election held there last year.

This is also clearly evidenced by the abnormal situations in the countries which blindly accepted the hypocritical "aid" from the imperialists without any vigilance.

The developing countries are required to properly see through the hypocrisy and danger of the imperialists' "aid diplomacy" and heighten the vigilance against it. They will neither achieve economic independence nor get rid of the fate as "a beggar" and will be destined to fall victim to the imperialists' domination and subjugation in the end, should these countries persistently depend on the imperialists, pinning hope on their interest-seeking "aid" without believing in their own strength.

It is the way for the developing countries to achieve socio-economic progress and prosperity to boost the South-South cooperation on the principle of collective self-reliance and settle the problems facing them by weathering difficulties before them by themselves without depending upon outside forces. This is the lesson and truth taught by history and reality.