Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top North Korean Officer Praises Results of his Visit to Cuba

Top North Korean Officer Praises Results of his Visit to Cuba

Cuban News Agency

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 3 (acn) Vice-Marchall Ri Yong Ho, Chief of Staff of the North Korean Popular Army, describe don Tuesday as positive the results of his first official visit to Cuba at the invitation of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

The top North Korean officer, who visited the General Antonio Maceo Military School of the FAR –which has received the Antonio Maceo Order given by the Council of State for its excellent missions-, told ACN that the achievements of his stay on the island are extraordinary.

He added that “our presence in Havana contributes to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation existing between the armies and peoples of the two nations.”

Accompanied by Army Corps General Alvaro Lopez, Deputy Minister of the FAR and Chief of Staff, Ri Yong Ho and his delegation toured the school’s History Hall, classrooms, tank and driving simulators and infantry shooting areas.

He expressed his admiration for the exhibition exercises carried out by an infantry squad and special troops, composed of young men and women. The distinguished visitor gave Brigadier General Beiler Frometa, director of the aforementioned school, a plaque with the shield of the Army of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and received from his host a pack of pictures and a replica of the institution, founded in 1964 for the training of commanding officers and engineers.

“I wish more cadres, highly specialized and faithful to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro, to be trained in this school,” Ri Yong Ho wrote on the visitor’s book.

Previously, Ri Yong Ho, who ends his official visit on Wednesday, paid tribute to Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo and his Adjutant Panchito Gomez Toro at the Mausoleum where their mortal remains and were received at the "Rescate de Sanguily" Memorial Hall.