Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long live the revolutionary legacy of the Great Proletarian October Revolution!

Long live the revolutionary legacy of the Great October Revolution!

Last November 7th 2010, the working masses all over the world celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the Great Proletarian October Revolution. This victorious event lies the struggle of the Russian Proletariat in grabbing power from the despotic monarchs as well as the bourgeoisie. This also marks the era of modern-day struggles with the Proletariat itself as its prime mover.

Known as the Bolshevik Revolution, this event led by Vladimir Illich Lenin, made Russia - one of the most backward countries in Europe in the early 20th century, which had also suffered great damage from the First World War and the Civil War against the traitorous White Army which followed it -became within a brief historical period a power which gained world-notable achievements, advancements in agriculture, industry, science and culture.

Socialism also extracted Russia, within a relatively short period, from the claws of repression laid by capitalism and semi-feudalism, and with its peoples, transformed into an unbreakable union of freeborn republics-the Soviet Union. Socialism in the Soviet Union then eliminated class exploitation, the exploitation of one person by another, ended illiteracy (which had been at the 75% mark before the revolution) raised members of all nationalities to a high cultural level. Socialism eliminated unemployment, cyclical economic crises, social insecurity, as well as the tendencies motivated by profiteers and racketeers willing to sabotage the foundations of the proletarian struggle.

The Soviet Union, despite the challenges given and its arduous tasks for construction and development, of risks being experienced, also made a victorious contribution in the Second World War, fighting against repressive countries like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Militarist Japan through a series of hard, arduous task of consolidating with antifascist masses into a broad united front, armed struggle, and total offensives that also saved humanity despite numerous sacrifices made by the heroes of the people. It also made contributions to preserve world peace and to destroy Imperialism of the exploiter countries like the United States and its allies, and foster internationalism amongst the oppressed masses around the world.

But then,
Despite its achievements, its victories, the Soviet Union fell into the spell of revisionism, of becoming degenerated and entered in an appeasement with the oppressor states while bannering themselves as defenders of the homeland. They exchanged the legacy of the Proletarian struggle, of Marxism-Leninism to modern Revisionism until it led to its dissolution in 1991. And yet, the legacy of the Great Proletarian October Revolution still remains in the heart not just of the ones who are formerly known as Soviet people, but even the Proletarians of the world whose strength and vigor is a good bulwark against the background of such a bitter international confrontation with the capitalist powers, that is also accompanied by mistakes, setbacks and deformations.

As Lenin said in his April Theses:
"As long as we are in the minority we carry on the work of criticising and exposing errors and at the same time we preach the necessity of transferring the entire state power to the Soviets of Workers’ Deputies, so that the people may overcome their mistakes by experience."

Lenin's statement, also a basis for the creation of the Socialist society also showed how the revolutionary movement emerged from weak and small to big and strong due to ceaseless education, service and struggle for the people. Lenin even show upon to the working peoples of the world how Russia, a weak country can become a stronger one-that most Oppressor countries ought to oppose much seeking to destroy the bulwark of the struggle. With or without the Soviet Union, its legacy remains, with its people willing to continue pushing through-to a modern stage whose events are composed of financial scandals, Fascist outbreaks, and Capitalist acts pointed against the people in the name of their "Democracy" that is, contrary to the ideals of what real Democracy is.

Critics of the Soviet Union, and even Scientific Socialism in general would have assailed much for that event made by the Russian people, as well as its other Nationalities to the world. They may likely to say that the Soviet Union is gone or Communism and Revolution is passe, and yet how come they can't withstand the growing wrath of the oppressed masses and its call for total social change? The effects of the financial crisis and of the Fascist outbreaks made by the Imperialists and its cohorts? One writer even telling us that his country "have established a strong, technology-based economy while fighting against communism" yet he didn't notice that the ones who created, maintained that technology used for manufacturing all kinds of things are the ones who are lowly paid, repressed and go on strike yet end up fired for their grievances! Workers created technology much as they themselves performed it, not the capitalists whom accumulating profits from all sorts of things and bragging to the world that "Communism" is passe whilst theirs as eternal!

To the working people of the world, the bearers of the legacy of the struggle, must continue advancing and never to repeat the mistakes of the past, to assail the actions made by those who assail rather than contribute for the well being of the people. The Soviet Union may be gone and the rest end up in the pitfalls of Revisionism, but then we have a new era to fight for, to continue the struggle, better than last 1917-for the greater glory what Rousseau, Babeauf, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao did for humanity!

After all, there can be no real solution to the problems facing humanity - security, socio-economic and environmental - except by overthrowing the regimes which caused them, the capitalist, feudal, fascist regimes, and replacing it with new democracies with a new perspective, a socialist one; with the awareness that this is so is gaining an increasing number of adherents and willing to contribute in an unending saga towards its fulfillment. The struggle for fundamental changes in the new local and global reality will be very long and difficult, of more sacrifices, blood and sweat to make what humanity proud of, but it will not end until a different and better future is ensured for humankind.

USSR may be gone, but the spirit of 1917 lives, and still growing!