Wednesday, November 24, 2010



"Self defence is no offense", these are the words of a defending nation, as the Korean People's Army set forth an artillery barrage against the South last November 23. This kind of defensive measure was a response from the South Korean Army's artillery firing, happened earlier before the retaliation.

That kind of retaliatory defence laid by the Korean Peoples Army was also a response from South Korea's continuous military exercises with the United States, pointing directly on the North that seemingly likely to provocate the latter-leading to trigger and continue the war that end up in a ceasefire during the 1950s.

For sure South Korea, being a puppet of the United States hath started to vent out propaganda whilst hiding some information regarding the mess they've started. The US-ROK Honguk military exercises, pointed against the north and its firing of artillery over the North Korean waters may likely for the North to do an immediate response that is, out of defence and not of offense.

Secondly, the current government of South Korea, that is, having an hawkish character, really wanted much to resume the conflict all in the name of "reunification." If they really offered peace, how come there are no traces of continuous peace process as well as having a military exercise along with the United States, pointing against the north as a means for reunification? Is that a part of its effort to reunify the two Koreas peacefully?

This kind of conflict erupting will become a pretext for another battlefield, not just in Korea, but all over the world. Progression against reaction, the people against the system, freedom against order. As eople around the world are watching the entire mess happened around Korea, and both Yohnap and KCNA will speak its own stance that for sure all media entities would speak for the former while calling the latter a mere propaganda piece.

After all,
To offend against the enemy and to respond against the tide is to be justified. The actions of KPA in response to the ROKA was and is, imbued with a simple objective and call: