Tuesday, November 23, 2010



A message for the first anniversary of the Maguindanao Genocide against Journalists
and Media Practitioners

As a Writer, inspired by reality and motivated by idealistic-cum-materialistic tendencies, resolute in support for free speech, social justice and national liberation in the Philippines, and determined, like the rest of those who resist against the rotten social order to participate in the struggles of the Pilipinos, as well as the rest of the world for justice and equality amongst peoples, in order to assist in creating a new democratic order that can realize the true aspirations of the people for a just, progressive, peaceful and sustainable world, hereby to write in solidarity with those who mourn and willing to avenge after last year's genocide happened in Maguindanao last November 23, 2009.

That kind of action, happened last year, unveiled how the system, rotten to the core, coddled with the murderers, guised as politicians, tried to control, silence opposition through the protracted use of "armalites and ballot boxes" supported by the system's efforts in upholding peace and order in Maguindanao. These murderers, using security as its pretext, and of "anti-terrorism, anti-Moro nationalism" as its stance, became a means to fear people and leaving the entire province, or even the entire ARMM region as if "theirs"-with the approval of the reactionary government.

However, of all the people they ought to kill most, why they include journalists, media practitioners, lawyers, supporters, even members of the rival Mangundadatu family? How come the military didn't escort them and even tolerated it? These people are also family members, prominent persons, even once friends and comrades at arms at the same time, working hand in hand with the government or whatsoever organization in seeking the truth and unveil the mysteries, hoaxes in order to be broadcasted. But still, kind of action, nowadays still undergone solving in the hands of the courts, gave enough to more questions to be answered.

For now, most of us, practitioners of media and even cultural workers are now having enough mourning in the first anniversary of the fascistic genocidal act made by the Ampatuan warlords. But despite the mourning, of tears, of black ribbons tied and roses offered to the graves of thy fallen martyrs, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE WILLING NOT TO MOURN AND INSTEAD REVENGE IN THE DAY OF HATRED.