Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maintaining Peace and Order in NPA Territories by Disarming Abusive Paramilitary Units-NDF

Maintaining Peace and Order in NPA Territories
by Disarming Abusive Paramilitary Units

Ka Dencio Madrigal
Valentine Palamine Command -- NPA-Far South Mindanao
November 15, 2010

The Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command of the New People’s Army – FarSouth Mindanao Region claims responsibility for the disarming of abusive paramilitary units in Upper Bala, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur on the morning of 10 Novermber 2010. This tactical offensive yielded two high powered rifles, a 9 mm revolver and several 12-gauge shotguns – arms previously issued by the 39th IB to CAFGU and CVO elements to coerce the people into participating in the military’s desperate counterinsurgency measures. This tactical offensive is part of the NPA’s continuing efforts to maintain peace and order in its territories and to expose the AFP’s military operation and campaign of terror in the hinterland barrios of Davao del Sur.

This campaign of terror has been imposed by the 39th IB of the 10th Infantry Division since the middle of this year and has created so much suffering for the poor farmers in Davao del Sur. As in other provinces, it is a ploy designed to pave the way for the aggressive encroachment of multinational agricorporations like Dole-Stanfilco which aims to acquire more lands for its banana and pineapple plantations.

Col. Medel Aguilar of the 10th ID who has complained of what he calls the NPA’s “holding the village hostage ” is totally absurd. The NPA can never and will never hostage the people because they are part of the people and are always welcomed by the masses wherever they go. How else could they have entered Upper Bala in broad daylight and stayed there for hours (with the 39th IB just a stone’s throw away) if the people did not welcome them?

In actual fact, it is the 10th ID of Col. Medel Aguilar who has truly held the people hostage in their brutal military campaign which uses and arms civilians in the state’s counterinsurgency war. Moreover, this military campaign is designed to facilitate the unimpeded expansion of foreign imperialist agri-corporations like Dole Stanfilco into the rich farmlands of Davao del Sur and neighboring North Cotabato province.

Col. Aguilar is also mum about the 10th ID’s collusion in the landgrabbing activities of Kamag-Anak Inc like the allocation of vast tracts of land as mining areas of Eduardo Cojuangco’s San Miguel Corporation and the multinational Xstrata-SMI. His brand of counterinsurgency in direct service to the comprador big bourgeoisie and the imperialists has created extreme havoc on the poor farmers, perpetuating their landlessness and exacerbating their poverty and misery.

On the other hand, we should thank Col. Medel Aguilar and the 10th ID for their constant, brutal reminder of the unjust and exploitative character of our society, and the role of the AFP as instrument and protector of the rich and powerful– all of which have added fervor to the people’s growing discontent, and fanned the flames of revolution.

For the Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command,

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