Tuesday, November 30, 2010

South Korean Worker arrested for "highly praising" North Korea

South Korean Worker arrested for "highly praising" North Korea

According to the south Korean media including ChungAng Ilbo, Money Today and Ryunhap News, a south Korean worker surnamed Kim (45 years) who was arrested on charges of violating the National Security Law on October 14 highly praised President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il during a trial at the Seoul district court.

He was reported to have carried on the Internet website "Cyber National Defense Command" on several occasions since last June articles praising President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and north Korea.

It was said that the Internet website "Cyber National Defense Command" was established around 2000 and operated by progressive figures of different circles in south Korea. It was coercively closed in late July by the suppression of the government and resumed its activity from August this year. And its members increased to 6,100 in October from 5,500 in June this year.

The security authorities arrested Kim on charges of violating the NSL for mere reason that he posted articles praising President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and north Korea.

Before the arrest he posted on the website "Cyber National Defense Command" the following article.

My faith is as adamant as the steel and I will stand for trial with the same dauntless and dignified posture as was during the police investigation.

I will indomitably practice representing the brave ironclad cavalrymen.

In disregard of my detention I deem that a successor walked a small step, though meager, following the lofty acts of my preceding patriotic fighters and martyrs who devoted themselves for the national independence and the reunification by our nation itself against the foreign forces.
Dear patriotic ironclad cavalrymen!
You are proud and give me a great strength.
I love you.

In the trial court he questioned how could it be a crime to praise the greatness of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. He expressed his faith saying “leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are great men. I'm prepared to devote my whole life for them.

He imposingly shouted that his determination to continue the posting of articles and photo editions in praise of the great men and north Korea in the future, too, is unshakable as the steel.

During the trial process that lasted over an hour he extolled the greatness of the two leaders and propagated the advantages of the socialist system in north Korea with so assertive and fluent expressions.

Astounded by his daring and faithful deed the prosecutors screamed saying there are coming out more people who praise and follow the system of the DPRK by their firm faith.

Meanwhile, many remarks in appreciation and inspiration of his valiant and righteous behavior are being carried on the Internet.

Posted on the websites including the Surprise were many articles condemning the NSL which bans any favorable sentiment or expression toward the north, saying we all must feel shame before that dignified appearance toward the truth and we hardly repress the tears.

In particular, an Internet user pen-named "Alive Child" said that the dignity of the Korean nation is shining thanks to the north which gains control of the imperialist forces headed by the US by dint of the Songun politics, holding that harboring the sentiment of following the north is a due truth.