Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CPRK Denounces Lee Myung Bak's Anti-Reunification Vituperation-KCNA

CPRK Denounces Lee Myung Bak's Anti-Reunification Vituperation

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Tuesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA lashing out at traitor Lee Myung Bak for letting loose a spate of vituperation for anti-reunification and confrontation, pulling up the DPRK in his "address made on August 15":

It is needless to say that the "unification tax" spelled out by the traitor is very unsavory trumpeting as it meant "contingency in the north", a foolish pipedream.

Lee's vituperations are nothing but anti-reunification and confrontation outbursts as they laid bare his real intention to evade the blame for the collapse of the inter-Korean relations and persistently pursue "no-nuke, opening and 3000 dollars", a vicious confrontation policy, and treacherous invectives bringing the present acute situation to an extreme phase.

The puppet group let loose a spate of very shameless sophism such as "peaceful unification" and "community" while frantically staging the large-scale DPRK-targeted war exercises such as Ulji Freedom Guardian across south Korea in league with the U.S. This is nothing but a petty trick to conceal its true colors as bellicose elements and mislead public opinion at home and abroad.

Moreover, he vociferated about "change in the north", linking the already bankrupt conspiratorial warship case to the DPRK. This is an unpardonable provocation against the DPRK as it brought into bolder relief the vicious intention of the group of traitors to rush headlong into confrontation and war to the last.

The traitor talked about "unification tax," sheer nonsense, at a time when the situation prevailing in Korea is so tense that a war may break out any moment. This is no more than sophism let loose by an idiot who knows nothing about reunification, insensitive to what is happening in the world and ignorant of the inter-Korean relations, a profiteer who knows nothing but money and a political imbecile. That is why he has become a target of derision by the public at home and abroad.

It is quite preposterous for the group to cry out for "peaceful community" while staging the DPRK-targeted war exercises almost everyday, to trumpet about "economic community" after totally scuttling the inter-Korean cooperation and to call for "national community" after totally negating the north-south joint declarations and standing in the way of the country's reunification.

The puppet group unreasonably put up someone's "dismantlement of nukes" as preconditions for mending the inter-Korean relations and achieving reunification. This is nothing but ridiculous rhetoric to force the DPRK to disarm itself and realize the ambition for invading the DPRK together with the U.S. and is as foolish an act as expecting the sky to fall.

The vituperations let loose by the traitor are tantamount to a declaration of an all-out confrontation to bring down the system in the DPRK.

The recent rhetoric made by the traitor clearly proves that he is an arch criminal who pushed the inter-Korean relations to a collapse and the situation to the brink of a war.

The traitor will be forced to pay a dear price for spelling out the "unification tax", his own invention.

He had better mind his own business now on the verge of bankruptcy before foolishly seeking to bring down other's system. If the group of traitors rushes headlong into confrontation to the last, the DPRK will resolutely react to it.