Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting Marks Anniversary of Start of Songun Revolutionary Leadership-KCNA

Meeting Marks Anniversary of Start of Songun Revolutionary Leadership

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) -- A meeting of workers and members of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea took place at the plaza of the Party Founding Memorial Tower, a meeting of agricultural workers on Chol Pass, Kangwon Province and a meeting of members of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea at the Arch of Triumph Square on August 22 and 23 on the occasion of the50th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's start of the Songun revolutionary leadership.

Reports and speeches were made at the meetings.

Reporters and speakers said that August 25, Juche 49 (1960) when Kim Jong Il started his Songun revolutionary leadership was the historical day when he declared the iron faith and will as a brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu to accomplish with arms the Korean revolution which was started and advanced with arms.

They referred to the fact that his start of the Songun revolutionary leadership opened a great history of succession and brought about a new turning point in building the revolutionary armed forces and carrying out the revolutionary cause of Juche.

They noted that possessed of extraordinary leadership caliber and prominent political and military ability, Kim Jong Il has developed the People's Army into an invincible army with his unique Songun revolutionary leadership for five decades, performing undying exploits in army building and exalting the dignity and honor of the country and the nation before the whole world.

They declared that everlasting will be the revolutionary exploits Kim Jong Il has performed by bringing about epoch-making changes unprecedented in the history of the nation and translating the ideal of the people into reality with his unique Songun politics.

Meanwhile, a performance was given by members of the art group of the Pyongyang Students and Children's Palace on Monday on the same occasion.