Monday, August 30, 2010

Statement of the AINDF Central Committee vice-chairman

Statement of the AINDF Central Committee vice-chairman

Today the south Korean people significantly mark the 50th anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s start of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership at the time when the entire Korean people wage a vigorous drive to open up a new era of independent reunification under the banner of “by the Korean nation itself,” smashing the warlike forces’ war provocations against north Korea.

Marking the historic day, the vanguard fighters and broad segments of south Korean people extend the greatest honor and thanks to leader Kim Jong Il who is leading the cause of building a thriving socialist country and the cause of Korea’s reunification to victory, defending peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and demonstrating national dignity.

Kim Jong Il, with an adamantine will to accomplish the Juche revolutionary cause, which was pioneered, and has been advanced and completed on the strength of arms, visited the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army on August 25 Juche 49 (1960). It has been recorded as a meaningful day in the history of the Korean nation in which the heir to Songun revolutionary cause started from Mt. Paektu was declared.

His 50-year-long history of Songun revolutionary leadership is etched as a sacred course of defending President Kim Il Sung’s Songun idea and feats and enriching them. It is recorded as the annals of victory and glory during which he has defended destiny of the nation and created a new history of building a thriving nation by strengthening the KPA as an invincible revolutionary armed forces.

Kim Jong Il, who is possessed of outstanding personality and qualification as a brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu , put forth the modeling of the whole army on the Juche idea as a general task in strengthening the army and developed the KPA to the army of the leader and the party. He has strengthened the KPA as a strong army enough to defeat any formidable enemy at one stroke by training the whole army into a cadre army and modernizing the whole army.

In particular, he, seeing through the prevailing situation in the 1990s and vital demand of the development of revolution, stipulated the Songun politics as a main political mode of socialism and enforced it in all fields of revolution and construction.

Through his long journey of Songun, the KPA has been strengthened into an invincible revolutionary armed force of Mt. Paektu armed with the spirit of guarding the headquarters of the revolution and equipped with original strategy and tactics. North Korea has built self-defensive industry able to make any modern weaponry at its will.

He established unique state machinery with the DPRK National Commission as the core in reflection of the demand of Songun era and laid a solid foundation for administering the Songun politics in all fields of the revolution and construction.

He ensured that the people follow the revolutionary solider spirit displayed among the KPA soldiers during the “Arduous March” and forced march. Therefore, the north Korean people created torches of Songgang and Nanam in the wake of the spirit of Kanggye, opening a way ahead of the building of a powerful nation.

It is a manifestation of justness and vitality of the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il that the north Korean army and people create unprecedented miracles in building a thriving nation to celebrate the 65th birthday of the Workers’ Party of Korea and its Party Conference under the slogan “When Korea decides, it can do anything!”

He arranged the Pyongyang summit to make public the June 15 joint declaration, a milestone for Korea ’s reunification, and the October 4 declaration, an action program for the June 15 joint declaration, bringing about a new era of “by the Korean nation itself.”

Thanks to his Songun politics, ceaseless military provocations of the US and the warlike forces have been frustrated and peace on the Korean Peninsula is secured.

The exploits of Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, who made north Korea a politico-ideological and military giant with his Songun politics and opened a fresh turning point in realizing the cause of Korea ’s reunification, will shine forever along with history of the nation. .

Now the Korean nation is faced with weighty tasks to build a peaceful, prosperous and reunified country on the Korean Peninsula true to the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il, the peerlessly brilliant commander of Songun and the sun of the nation.

The south Korean people should positively support the Songun politics with firm conviction that Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics secures the national dignity, peace and reunification of the country.

Broad segments of people should adhere to the June 15 joint declaration and its action program the October 4 declaration, a creation of the Songun politics, as an invariable banner of independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

A touch-and-go situation prevails on the Korean Peninsula in which a war may break out at any moment owing to Lee regime’s inter-Korean confrontation and war maneuvers against north Korea .

The people from all walks of life who wish peace and reunification should intensify the struggle against the Lee regime’s war maneuvers against north Korea and accelerate a nationwide movement to withdraw the GIs from south Korea , the source of misfortune of the Korean people.

The south Korean people should turn out in the struggle to drive out the Lee regime that persistently pursues the deterioration of inter-Korean relations and anachronistic inter-Korean confrontation.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il, the matchless brilliant commander, and the invincible Songun politics, the victory of national reunification is certain and the Korean nation’s desire to live in a reunified country free from foreign forces will surely be realized.

The AINDF vanguard fighters, together with people from various circles desirous of national independence and reunification, will more resolutely struggle to build a reunified and prosperous nation with an invincible confidence and optimism, frustrating the moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad.


August 25, Juche 99 (2010)