Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glory to the hostage taker! -The wingnut's hidden stand (if possible)

Glory to the hostage taker!
-The wingnut's hidden stand (if possible)

By Lualhati Madlangawa-Guererro

We have witnessed last Monday about the hostage crisis in Quirino Grandstand in Manila.Wherein a former policeman, fired from his service, resorted to hijacking a bus full of Chinese tourists and declared hostage.

This kind of desperate action, resulted to a series of gun shooting, blood flowing actions and reactions from the international community, lies a somewhat hidden agenda, or a conspiracy theory-like stance behind the kidnappings.

At first, we have noticed that Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, the policeman turned kidnapper was accused, then charged with robbery and extortion, due to the so-called "hulidap" practice of some police of planting evidence and seeking a pay-off from the victims. He insisted that he was innocent of that said crime, claiming that he also had citations for distinguished service and good conduct as an officer.

Yet, noticing that the justice system and reinstatement as useless, he end up gone mad-resorting to this kind of action.

Of all the people he targeted, why the Chinese tourists inside the bus? Well... to a wingnut, with its 1950s rhetoric and nostalgia, they would even claim that these Chinese tourists are communists, while bragging that the Philippines as a "Democratic" country, and I myself would laugh about it, noticing how they depict a man wanting reinstatement a "pro-democracy warrior" doing the job, or worse-claiming the tourists as communists like an american shouting white pride and brandishing his machine gun in front of Jews and African-Americans inside the bus!

Having noticed that the banditry and of the mercenary-mindedness the system tolerated on to the military and the police, this kind of action Mendoza did was the result of those kinds of things the system tolerated upon. How come the practise of corruption, small-scale banditry, and mercenary-midedness seemingly flourish despite calls for stopping it? Is the government responding to these? Or rather end up as a paper bill or whatsoever, followed by the news clippings claiming that they "did a good job" in curbing these hell-of-a-kind acts these armed personnel hath did towards the people? Again, to a wingnut-they may deny it, but at the same time doing it as their "privilege", but worse as they do name calling like blaming a person wearing "subversive" clothing an activist, a communist-to the fact that they even arrested those who sport long hair and have it cut in public, as the Metropolitan Command (METROCOM) back then also carry scissors!

But, aside from these "conspiracy theories" the wingnut likely carry as a "justifiable reason", there are also instances that the defenders of the system done such actions resulting to popular discontent towards them. And since we tackled about the Chinamen in the current situation like this, they also brought proposals, beautifully crafted as a means to support the people, end up for personal purposes the system did, contributing much to discontent as I and the rest expected. As according to Alaskador:
NBN ZTE + Northrail Project + Chinese Government + Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo=
Loss of funds + repressed policemen + failed policemen = Killed Chinese Tourists.

We have expected all of these incidents the Chinamen also did in this country, they supported the National Broadband Network courtesy of their ZTE telecom, they gave us money to support the Northrail project and the revival of the Philippine National Railways, yet the wingnuts used it for personal activities-most likely for election purposes and of the like, resulting to much opposition, loss of funds, and even opportunities for policemen to do "inappropriate" activities for their personal appetite-resulting to such desperate, crazed motives like Mendoza did.

God forbid, is the people respond to that kind of action taken by Mendoza and the policemen? For sure they simply disregard it and at the end taking remorse or finding it amusing as some visited the site and taking pictures of it. Sadly to say, that these people are becoming too apathetic for these kinds of events, or in case of wingnuts with rabid anti-Communism and anti-Chinese sentiment, would glorify for the once policeman turned hostage-taker for doing his job, sacrificing tourism in favor of their "democracy!" and like Palparan, who is also an anti-Chinese, would even tell to these helpess as "Buti nga sa kanila!" (That would be deserved for them!)

And speaking of the wingnut Palparan, based on the writeup entitled "Lapdogs and New Patriots in Philippine Congress" by Patricio Mangubat, it said:
"Palparan is also anti-Chinese. He blames the Chinese for the Filipinos' woes. When he was chief of the Infantry division, he did'nt lift a finger when Chinese businessmen were abducted and killed in his jurisdiction despite pleas of help from the victims' families. He was even heard saying "buti nga sa kanila!" (that would be deserved for them!) when one of the victims got killed."

Most wingnuts, especially those who are rabid anti-Chinese for Communism would speak like that, and even glorify the kidnapping, and the eventual killing during the shootout while telling the helpless kidnapped that they deserve their wrath! As if like those of Americans who blamed the Jews, African-Americans for misery!

As for now, I am mourning to those victims, the affected who are killed in the standoff, all while blaming the incompetent, the irrational, and the absolute policemen, and even the wingnut who may possibly glorifying the standoff as a "holy act." Mendoza was and is, far from Turner (from the Turner Diaries), Timothy McVeigh (the bomber) and others who "did something for the sake of the race." Although, in their terms, may call him as a lone wolf.

That's all for now.