Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Report regarding the recent UK KFA Picket of US and South Korean puppet embassies in Britain

Report regarding the recent UK KFA Picket of US
and South Korean puppet embassies in Britain

Last August 17th, the UK KFA along with the ASSPUK and JISGE as well New Communist Party general secretary Andy Brooks and members of the labour,peace and progressive movement.Some had traveled from as far as Southampton and Oxford to be at the meeting.

The first picket was at the south Korean puppet embassy at 1pm.The KFA banner along with the DPRK and the AUCPB red flag and also slogans "Hands off the DPRK" and "No UNSC" sanctions were displayed.One south Korean puppet official asked the picketers "Do you have permission from police to do this"(possibly a feeble attempt at intimidation),later a so called "Police Community Support Officer" tried to ask for identification of demonstrators but there was no legal necessity for this.The other attempt at obstruction came from a rather arrogant UK businessman who claimed the demonstration was interrupting his company board meeting!

The statement of UK KFA denouncing the Ulji Freedom Guardian exercises was read out by Kevin Cain KFA Organisation secretary and leader of the For Bolshevismn group.Demonstrators chanted "DPRK Here to Stay,SK no way!","No War exercises" "Down with Lee Myung Bak puppet regime" "Victory to the DPRK" "US troops out of Korea".The music "Peace is On Our Bayonets" ,"Death to the US imperialist aggressors " "Korea is One" and "No Motherland Without You".

Demonstrators then proceeded to the US Embassy at Grosvenor Square.The picket started at 3pm.Flags of the DPRK were displayed also UK KFA banner and placards "Hands Off the DPRK" and "No UNSC sanctions".This part of the demonstration was joined by the Revolutionary Workers Party (Posadist-Trotskyist). Kevin Cain KFA Organisation Secretary read out the UK KFA statement denouncing Ulji Freedom Guardian he said "The US imperialists and south Korean puppets-thee Lee Myung bak sellout fascist regime-are staging yet more military exercises this time Ulji Freedom Guardian.These come hard on the heels of earlier military exercises which appear to be held continously in south Korea.

UFG is larger in scale than the other exercises and is a clear cut rehearsal to start a war and invade the DPRK.US president Obama has declared himself the "first Pacific president of the USA" and intends to rule the Asia Pacfic region as a colonial domain.

UFG exercises are a threat to peace not only on the Korean peninsula and the Asia-Pacific region but also the entire world as a war could easily start as a result of the exercises,a small incident or accident could easily turn into war which would then spread across Asia and become a nuclear war.

UFG is a crude and blatant attempt at intimidating the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea into making unilateral concessions and ultimately to give up its socialist system.This is a serious encroachment on the DPRK's sovereignity"

Brent Cutler resident of Southampton city stated that US troops remain in south Korea contrary to UN agreements and resolutions and the Korean Armstice Agreement,it is time for them to go home.

Dermot Hudson KFA Official Delegate UK and president ASSPK said that the Obama regime in the US has continuined with the policy of Bush aimed at stifling the DPRK. Ulji Freedom Guardian is a rehearshal to invade the DPRK as it even involves civil servants and adminstrators.He said that Obama is just the trendy face of US imperialism.

Speakers also drew attention to the insidious attempt of the US imperialists to extradite Sean Garland leader of the Workers Party of Ireland and friend of the DPRK to the US as well the US extradition of UK citizen Gary McKinnion.

Speakers also contrasted the DPRK's advanced socialist democracy with the corrupt and decadent bourgeois democracy of the US. The slogans "USA No Way,DPRK Here to Stay" "US troops out now" were chanted loudly by demonstrators.The music "Peace is Our Bayonets","Death to the US imperialist aggressors ","Korea is One" ,"Let Us Uphold the Red Flag" and "No Motherland Without You" were played.

Support for the picket was expressed by Malaysian residents in London and also English working class youth.

Picket concluded at 5pm Afterwards some members of the picket adjourned for a small social with food and drink to discuss the days picket and plan future events and also to mark the 50th anniversary of the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

Dermot Hudson chairman of JISGE and president of ASSPUK said that leader comrade Kim Jong Il started the Songun revolutionary leadership by visiting the Seoul Guards Ryu Kyong Su 105 Tank Division which had been the vanguard of the liberation of Seoul in 1950.Thus he put military affairs first.Under the Songun revolutionary leadership the DPRK scored great victories such as capturing the USS Pueblo and shooting down the EC121 spy plane as well facing down the US in the 1st and 2nd nuclear crisis.

Kevin Cain,KFA organisation secretary said Songun is based on the idea that the revolution is advanced by the gun and this the truth of the world revolutionary movement.

Dermot Hudson stressed that the DPRK is a socialist power of independence and self reliance with stable economy thanks to the Juche idea and the Songun revolutionary leadership.Songun is the cutting edge in the struggle against imperialism and the DPRK is in the front line against US imperialism.