Monday, August 30, 2010

Justifying yet Backwardly thinking?

Justifying yet Backwardly thinking?

It was last night when I got reprimanded by my mother just because of a mere Youtube video featuring scantily clad women on that scene. They immediately justified it as pornographic-simply just because they are wearing two piece clothing and dancing with a rapper!

I just simply got irritated on what they are saying. I kept on telling them that Youtube is not like any erotic site or whatsoever, they are just featuring videos from personal interests to music videos like those. And yet, they kept on subjectively assailing that video as pornographic?

I don't know why these beings quickly assailing a video from Baby Bash. Fine, the girls are wearing scantily-clad clothing and dancing kinda erotic, but it does not mean that music video is entirely pornographic! Again and again they kept on pushing me to the limit of defending the video and justifying it as non-pornographic but sensual rap music video. I may have disrespected them because of the tone of my vice, but it is they who kept on pushing me over for many years in order to make me as hard as steel and making against them! How cares about that music video being played on Youtube? Youtube does not even broadcasted pornographic videos and if someone do so, they ban it! So how come these backwards spoke much of it, that video as pornographic yet Youtube does not allow pornographic videos?

God forbid, they interrupt my personality in the name of the family. They may justify anything else for the sake of them, so am I for the sake of myself. I even don't listen to Rap music although that video I am watching is part of my analysis-critique. However, they simply spoil what I am supposed to do.