Monday, August 30, 2010

Let Us Smash the Disgraceful Moves to Distort History

Let Us Smash the Disgraceful Moves to Distort History

This year is the 100th year that the Japanese imperialists fabricated the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”.

As materials proving that the treaty is a fully falsified document which Japan forcefully faked up and published throughout the world were brought to light again, it sparked off a sharp anger at home and abroad.

The Japanese reactionaries’ moves to despicably distort, beautify and conceal their crime-woven history of aggression triggered a bitter protest and condemnation at home and abroad.

On August 13, the Christian organizations in south Korea and Japan held a joint press conference declaring null and void the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” fabricated by the Japanese imperialists.

Holding that the Japanese government avoids the fact of the fabrication of the treaty by all means, they stressed that it should clarify the truth before the world. They demanded the Japanese regime apology to the victims of the “comfort women” enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army and the forced labor and conscription during the past colonial rule and make reparation for them.

A spokesman for the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea in a commentary on August 15 denounced the Lee Myung-bak regime for inviting Japan, the sworn enemy, to the north-targeted war drills staged with the US imperialists, and praising the Japanese prime minister’s so-called apology statement devoid of admitting the illegality of the colonial domination over Korea and any sincere apology for the inhumane crimes, released on the occasion of the 100th year of the fabrication of the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”.

The commentary noted that the present regime in south Korea should pursue the national coexistence, not the war “alliance” with outside forces, and demanded the regime, fully aware that only this road is for the nation and realizing peace of the Korean Peninsula, strive to improve the inter-Korean relations.

The Women’s Peace Action against the Japanese Militarists and War on the Occasion of the 100th Year of the Fabrication of the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” grouping women organizations including the National Women’s Solidarity held a rally around the Japanese embassy in Seoul on August 15 and deplored that though 65 years have passed since Korea’s liberation no settlement to the colonial crimes of Japan was made yet.
The participants denounced that the Japanese regime in collusion with south Korea makes attempts to cover up its past crimes and aggravates situation of the Korean Peninsula by pursuing hostile policy toward the north.

The organizations in a written resolution clarified that the city and county assemblies are adopting resolutions for settling the issue of “comfort women” and conducting half-million signature campaign calling for responsible and legal solution to the issue by the Japanese government.

However, the south Korean conservative ruling forces devoid of even an iota of national spirit please the Japanese reactionaries clamoring about a “new cooperation era not to asking the past” and get frenzied in conniving at the Jap’s moves to distort the history of aggression and reinvasion.

All the fellow countrymen in the north, south and abroad should more vigorously wage the struggle to frustrate the anti-national moves of the Lee Myung-bak conservative group which unhesitatingly conspire with even the sworn enemy of the nation in a bid to secure their power and hurt the compatriots.