Monday, August 23, 2010

Increases in fees, Suppression of rights, Mandatory Police-ization intensifies struggle for Student Power

Increases in fees, Suppression of rights,
Mandatory Police-ization of educational institutions
intensifies struggle for Student Power

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Last time, we have watched the news regarding the violent suppression of high school students outside the premises of the Department of Education. This kind of action, manifests the administration's resistance to mass action and hearing student-related grievances, also shown a disdain on the side of student's welfare in favor of the administrators.

As according to the news that five student protesters were hurt after they clashed with security guards of the Department of Education (DepEd) main office in Pasig last friday. And these group of about 50 high school students, belong to militant groups League of Filipino Students (LFS) and Anakbayan, trying to enter to have a dialogue with Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro on “unnecessary school fees," were forcibly dispersed by security guards as they tried to enter the premises.

This kind of action is not limited to those from these young High School students, as that incident stated. For noticing that more and more youth-students, from elementary to college are getting struck by the unpopular proposals that is, purely capitalistic-oriented economic, fascistic-related militaristic than educational and democratic in character, that unveils much more resistance, a growing opposition amongst the youth-studentry, especially to those who are being forced to pay exorbitant, bigger fees yet less quality education, worse as they encounter fascistic actions against them.

For sure some may say that these kids are doing "worse" than ever. Just because they do such actions like rallies and the like be end up subjectively called as "worse?" They are indeed idealists, yet they are compelled by the realities to break and take the standard of realism-of opposing the rotten system and its features, of calling for a "just" society through action, not of nearly meaningless "idealism" like the usual going to school, obey regardless of defects and the like.

In addition to that,
Noticing how the government, being ruled by a clique of landlords, warlords, bureaucrat capitalists, and foreign overlords, wanted a continuity of its old legacy signified through a nearly-slave economy guised as "service-related" as well as paramilitarism, system-serving through the ROTC and its police-ization of the institutions. I, once student, hath experienced much effort in studying to marching, but what is its essence leads to? Towards the supposed future of the people or the future of this rotten system? Worse as despite paying fees completely also felt those who, with working-class or peasant backgrounds, being compelled to study in an institution that carries quality education to pay a much expensive expense that is, likely to end up in the coffers of the administrators than be adequately given to the basic necessities the institution should have. If they do so, perhaps through a fresh coat of paint in the walls as its proof.

And as time goes by, with students enduring the difficulty while doing its own obligation, likely to open its eyes and call to resist as it could. They may have paid the fees just to study and gain merit for its labours, they may have marched and endure the heat just to gain diploma as a requirement. But as they notice much that they are greatly beaten much by the lesson and of the forced obligations contrary to the will of the youth and of the people, lies resistance like the rallies, walkouts, or even mass actions like turning the university into a commune like in 1971.

We have witnessed all the events the system hath forced upon to us. Private or State funded, they are becoming too profit related whose intention is to negate education, academic freedom, and other similar ideas into a word, a relic being kept in the museum of nothingness while repressing those who advocated for it. The events in DepEd made by the high school students is a continuation of the actions taken years ago all over the world, and thus it will continue it further, very further with the unity of the laboring people, both from the city and of the countryside towards the downfall of the rotten system.