Friday, March 25, 2011

Why the career-opportunists supported Merceditas?

Why the career-opportunists supported Merceditas?

“Because I was not convinced that there was probable cause to impeach Ombudsman Gutierrez. The Articles of Impeachment, as submitted by the House’s Justice Committee, contains the trappings of a vendetta,” said Rep. Alcover.

These words may near sound factual to a right-winger, but to others a reason to defend an Arroyocrat by an Arroyocrat.

As news reports last time tackled much at 212-46 vote with four abstentions in the session hall, it seemed that 46 of them are consists of Arroyocrats and/or confused members of the session hall thinking about Merceditas Guttierez's case as "unjustifiable", that in fact, obviously disregard the facts all happened during her Ombudsmanship and the Arroyo regime itself.

Like Alcover for example, he thinks much of it as a mere "Communist ploy for destabilization" that, with his rabid paranoia, again and again venting rage against AKBAYAN's Hontiveros and BAYAN's Reyes just because they are "Communists" and the impeachment case against Merci as a "Destabilizing act." As according to him:

“In fact, what ANAD is seeing here is a grand plan of forces out to destabilize government. The Justice Committee’s report was a result of the complaint filed by Riza Hontiveros-Baraquel of Akbayan, espousing Euro-Communism, and Renato Reyes of Bayan, the umbrella organization of all Maoist communist sectorasl front organizations in the country,”

His sentiments are indeed out of a concoction of paranoia as he accused "Communists" again and again for unveiling the anomalies in relation to Merci and Arroyo. If these cases aren't factual then would he justify the actions during the NBN-ZTE deal? the Euro Generals scandal? He obviously defend the two very much as he could then and even blamed the media and the majority for unveiling certain issues involving her:

“She was already sentenced by the media statements issued by members of the Committee who have an axe to grind against her despite the Motion for Reconsideration that she filed and is still pending before the Supreme Court,”

Indeed that Merci's been facing such criticism by the majority due to her actions taken. That from press releases to the files coming from the last administration, it obviously justifies means to impeach her and face Arroyo in a struggle session! Secondly, why should be left rot in a guise of "Pending" in the Supreme Court? Are they scared of unveiling truth and accept guilt the way Alcover wanted the left to admit guilt whether involved or not involved as "Murderers"?

And so are the other career-opportunists and rabid Right-wingers in the session hall. Arroyo, upon saying "NO" to impeachment, even visited Merci as an anonymous caller purporting to be a neighbor of Gutierrez contacted ABS-CBN that morning and said that the alleged Mrs. Arroyo visited the Ombudswoman.

In response, ABS-CBN visited the Ombudsman's neighborhood in Santa Ana, Manila where residents and barangay officials on that village confirmed seeing the former President visiting her.

Arroyo would have denied about it yet the people obviously sought her visiting and tackling about the events regarding opposing the majority move.

But still, despite their defences and justifications, speaking for the truth lays results. And it is man's will to say a last voice about it, and if the right-wingers kept on doing it stubbornly till destroying the entire proceeding, then the people itself, through the People's Court will put them into the trial, whether they like it...or not.