Monday, March 21, 2011

Hands Off Libya!

Hands Off Libya!

Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

20 March 2011

On behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America condemn the imperialist attacks on Libya.

A coalition composed of the United States, France, Britain, Canada, and Italy have begun launching strikes on Libya designed to cripple that nation's air defenses.

Whatever one thinks of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, the conflict in Libya is an internal matter to be decided by the Libyan people, not by imperialists with an eye on Libya's oil.

Although the imperialist coalition claim their actions will not include troops on the ground, if this should change, Iraq and Afghanistan prove such invasions are humanitarian, economic, ecological, and political disasters. Libya could be as bad or worse, considering the rebellion is confined to one eastern region, and the other areas would likely resist an invasion.

Barack Obama proves once again that he is an agent of imperialism, just as much as his predecessor. It is long past time for the working people of the United States to wake up to the reality that they have the power to create real change by tearing down the whole rotten power structure and replacing it with one that represents the interests of the workers.

In conclusion, the IRSCNA demand an immediate cessation of imperialist military attacks, and we say to the imperialist thugs, hands off Libya!


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