Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CPP: Masses are capable of removing Aquino

CPP: Masses are capable of removing Aquino*


Posted at 03/28/2011 7:02 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) warned the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III that it can easily be removed from power if it fails to address the needs of the masses.

In a statement issued ahead of the 42nd anniversary of its armed component, the New People’s Army, CPP said “the crisis conditions, the growing strength of the revolutionary movement, the rapid rate at which the Aquino regime is being exposed as anti-people, antinational, anti-democratic, corrupt and brutal are such that the revolutionary forces can build a broad united front and generate a mass movement to isolate and remove the Aquino ruling clique from power in a relatively short period of time.”

It said the continuous increase in oil and food prices signal the “brewing political storm that in other countries and regions of the world is already raging.”

The CPP said the Aquino administration has not, until now, made good on its promise to prosecute corrupt officials and human rights violators during the time of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“It is only a matter of time that the backroom operations of Aquino’s close kin and friends are exposed. The return of the ‘Kamag-anak Inc.’ and the rise of the so-called ‘Kaklase at Kaibigan Inc.’ are giving rise to growing cynicism over Aquino’s anti-corruption slogans,” it added.

The revolutionary force said it is only maximizing peace talks at this time as a means to challenge the government to address basic social, economic and political reforms.

“But we should have no illusion that a peace agreement would soon be reached by the [National Democratic Front] with the reactionary government despite the optimistic time frame expressed in the Oslo Joint Statement of February 21, 2011,” it said.

During the first round of formal talks, the government panel already showed it could “brazenly” scuttle negotiations.

The government side could dismiss talks by: demanding the surrender of National Democratic Front leaders, refusing to release political prisoners, opposing basic social and economic reforms, etc.

“In the absence of a peace agreement, the broad masses of the people and the revolutionary forces must resolutely advance the people's war for national liberation and democracy from the stage of the strategic defensive to that of the strategic stalemate,” the CPP said.

It warned the leaders of the party are capable of leading a new, democratic revolution.

“In the process, the Party, the NPA, the NDFP and all other revolutionary forces of the people will grow in strength and gain the capability to perform greater tasks and achieve greater victories,” it said.

Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Oban said the military is already preparing for the founding anniversary of the NPA on Tuesday.

He sees, however, a decrease in armed engagements against the NPA with the “continuance in the influx of NPA members surrendering. However, your AFP remains alert to respond to NPA-related threats known to mark its anniversary by atrocious attacks.”

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