Wednesday, March 30, 2011



by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Last time, we heard the news about the "alleged" training laid by the Philippine Army to its recruits in the Provinces. This kind of training, also inculde beatings and shoutings, signified the barbaric actions that seemed against human dignity and will.

And upon watching it, at first it seemed that how come the AFP Generalship and the entire echleon itself, ridden with corruption and other scandals, tolerate this kind of mess that created a series of murderers and varieties of Fascist scum? I remember there's a comment coming from a YouTube viewer expressing positively about a certain torture video in the Philippines, and said:

"GREAT - Good to know the PHILIPPINE ARMY knows how to treat conscripts right! Conscripts around the world should be tortured (sadly not all nations do so). A hard military training with brutal torture is necessary! The recruits will be toughen and become real men! And the commanders, who torture and drill the recruits, have some fun! Each nation should do this with it's young fit men! In Russia, Brazil and Bolivia they also torture conscripts (e.g. with electro-shocks, brandings etc.)!"

However, according to the AFP, the video, shown by "Isnaypmedia", was made by the rebel group NPA in order to criticize the AFP and demoralize the troops, as they said:

"...The Philippine Army believes that the CPP-NPA-NDF is behind this propaganda to once again discredit the military organization."

but despite their denials end up accepting the fact that they do so all in the name of the "Escape and Evasion practical exercises of the Candidate Soldiers Course Class" that end up "scrapped" from the program of instruction (POI) of the basic military training. That its perpectrators nvolved in the incident were meted with administrative sanction.

However, despite these denials and acceptances, of blaming the rebel group NPA for "misinformation", these barbaric actions taken still unveil the fact that these soldiers, whilst parading themselves as servants of the people are rather butchers and brigands-to-be, that as signified from these "training-torture" videoes to recruiting men into hold-upers masquerading as CAFGUs, they are rather digging their own graves and perform the ultimate form of escapism that is, suicide.

To mention suicide, according to Emile Durkheim, entering a "military service" such as these carries a strain of suicidal intention, that most of its officers, men are expected to kill themselves on behalf of society, and oviously the men allegedly fighting for "securing the nation," or rather say the rotten system itself are expected to be killed on behalf of it, on behalf of those men who hath tortured them, who are corrupt, who are bonafide murderers acting at the behest of the system. That one of them, confused and driven by anxiety even pulled a trigger, fatally wounding four of his colleagues in his barracks and this time trying to hid against the "law." It somehow possibly resulted from such so-called "Hardships", "Pain" that may also trying to inculcate in that "Training-Torture" video.

They may've tried much to call themselves as protectors of human rights, but not all of them are seriously trying to do so as state-sponsored Fascism remains rampant. They may've initated "Reforms" so to speak, but it doesn't mean that the Reforms are likely to be succeed-for the system itself whom they are protecting retains its rottenness to the core.

And somehow through the videoes being shown, whether it is old or not, it is obviously a mistake that is lately being rectified or earlier denied. Otherwise, might had been encouraged as the earlier comment stated.