Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glory to the Red Fighters! Onward to Total Victory!

Glory to the Red Fighters! Onward to Total Victory!

A message for the New People's Army in its 42nd year of action

By Vladimir Bulganin

On the occasion on the 42nd Founding day of the New People's Army, I bid thee greetings.

Since its foundations in 1969, the New People's Army, from its small band of 30 to 60 men carrying single shot arms and less of high-powered ones, yielded greater victories against the rotten social order. And these people, courageous and humble, earned the hearts and minds of the people all despite the scorn laid to them by the system.

And despite the errors and shortcomings, of rectification and remolding, the People's army remains steadfast to its principle of serving the people and of destroying the system, that of all its offensive again and again reaped successes despite enemy's superb strength.

Just like the last 1989 message of the CPP central committee, of having a "Ground for the armed revolution as ever more fertile than before", people, both friend and enemy alike faced the greater challenge as the New People's Army, as it reaps successes from its tactical offensives and other related armed actions as well as the repressions laid upon to them by the current social order and its cohorts gave them renewed strength as the Defender of the Masses, a strong contributor in Antifascist action,willing to take the challenge whatever it takes.

That in assessing the actions laid by the NPA from last year to this year, the Olplan Bantay Laya I and II of the Reactionary Government failed to meet its objectives of suppressing the Revolutionary Movement all due to the counter-actions laid against the Fascist AFP-that despite deaths of Red Fighters, still pushing the struggle forward like those of the actions from Visayas and Mindanao.

Nowadays, in midst of the growing Socio-Economic and Cultural crisis laid by the rotten social order and its cohorts, the National Democratic Revolution advances forth, that with the Communist Party and the National Democratic Front, calls on the Pilipino people to actively resist every Fascistic action and the crisis that pushes the nation on the brink of modern-day serfdom and to push more vigorously on all fronts a total struggle to realize a Nationalist, Democratic and Just demands.

Also call on the members, officers of the Reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines to break from the dictations of the rotten state apparatus, to desist from taking an active role in the regime's counter-insurgency and fascistic actions or meet the responses laid upon by the struggle, to suffer the consequences made in the name of "Counterinsurgency" and "Police Action".

Glory to the Red Fighters! Onward to Total Victory!