Friday, March 18, 2011

DPRK Red Cross Chief Once Again Sends Notice to His S. Korean Counterpart-KCNA

DPRK Red Cross Chief Once Again Sends Notice to His S. Korean Counterpart

Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- The south side is evading the repatriation of all the inhabitants of the DPRK now in custody in south Korea and a face-to-face confirmation of those four persons whom it claimed expressed their intention to "defect" to the south. The chairman of the C.C., the DPRK Red Cross Society Tuesday once again sent a notice to the president of the south Korean Red Cross strongly demanding it.

Taking issue with the south side′s serious mockery of the families of the unreasonably detained inhabitants and the DPRK over the issue of their repatriation, raising a hue and cry over the repatriation of 27 inhabitants and an objective confirmation of the "free will" of the four inhabitants, the notice held that its refusal to arrange the face-to-face confirmation of the four persons proves that the expression of the "will to defect" touted by the authorities of the south side is a sheer fabrication and is nothing but allurement and abduction.

Recalling that the south Korean authorities proposed to let those who had fled to south Korea meet people from the DPRK side face to face in the past, the notice said it is self-contradictory for them to say they cannot arrange such meeting at present under an absurd pretext.

The confirmation by a third person and video claimed by the south Korean chief executive are unrecognizable, the notice held.

It once again strongly urged the south side to stop making an unreasonable insistence but come out to the conference room of the former Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission in Panmunjom, bringing with it those four inhabitants it claimed expressed their "will to defect" and respond as early as possible to the Red Cross working contact with the DPRK side.

If the south Korean authorities persistently sidestep the face-to-face confirmation, the DPRK side will recognize the south side′s assertion about "defection" as a plot for allurement and abduction and take resolute measures against it, the notice warned.