Monday, March 21, 2011

On neo-Nazis, nationalists and other "Autonomous" Confused

On neo-Nazis, nationalists and other "Autonomous" Confused*

(Based on an original German writeup)

"Nazis? So what we have here but not anymore. " Right. At least the "cliché-Nazi" with combat boots, bomber jacket and bald head seems to have been displaced from our society.

But the Nazi swastika today bears no more and is not a Hitler fan.

Not only NPD and related activities, at least for the public, the image of the right-wing neo-Nazi thugs get rid of the extreme right "citizens movements" as ProBonn, ProNRW try, etc., with a seemingly civil, democratic ideology in the problems of people to tie with a deep and hidden prejudices of xenophobia and the "fear of the Islamization of Europe" from the real problems of youth unemployment, lack of training places and the passing of the crisis episodes to distract our shoulders.

But the trends are right simply disappeared? No. These are not them. Many of the neo-Nazis organized a "Free forces" and "National Socialists". At least since 2002, specify the groups and become more and more parts of the radical right as "autonomous nationalists". Not only is this branch in North Rhine-Westphalia is currently dominant.

They copy their style and their particular forms of action but also with symbols and content statements strongly influenced the youth cultural scene left: Bomber Jacket and Bald departed trendy streetwear from cargo pants, button-studded caps and brand sneakers. They use hip-hop and street font elements.

In Antifa logo changing just the writing of "Anti-Fascist Action" in "National Socialists" and the stickers, flyers and posters for the right one can distinguish at first glance hardly of materials of the Antifa (see picture). Even threats of violence against (supposed) left or alternative opponents are on the agenda. They act locally in separate groups to go to a nationwide ban on the road.

But what Bonn has to do with it?

Not only is the city of Bonn with most (extreme right) Fraternities and we have to sit with Nico Ernst a known neo-Nazi ProBonn for the city council, no, the Autonomous Nationalists feel more comfortable in Bonn.

Although one can talk in Bonn is far from a Nazi problem in Dortmund and Aachen, but here are piling up graffiti and stickers "national activists.

These actions go from the "Action Office (AB) Mittelrhein from. In places like Remagen, Bad-Neuenahr Sinzig and there are many stickers and spray estate of AB Rhine River. Not only does the AB Rhine River maintains a clearly racist, discriminatory world, also known as "Nazi" you can give them only to do good, "his Nazi means to live" is the signature of a sticker which even with an illustration from the Nazi time is provided. Also on colorful stickers with South Park figures to recruit for the "National Socialism", which is already a contradiction in terms as a phrase.

In addition to the distribution of stickers and increased attacks on (alleged) anti-fascists, the Rhine River AB significantly involved in the organization of annual parades in the region. Modified on November 21 in Remagen and the year before on July 12 in Bonn.

As a starting point for their actions is the action office since the beginning of the "brown house Neuenahr. This is a house in the vineyard road 17, which is near the end of group housing and the preparation of actions. The meaning of new training area is clear, but it came just at the beginning of the year from the environment of the residents will often find attacks. Thus, an alternative-looking young people at risk in the vineyard road and encouraged, "members of Antifa Ahrweiler" to name and 12.03.10 was the home of an anti-fascists attacked with paving stones.

But even here in Bonn, were attacks: in March before a lecture on Nazi scene around the AB Rhine River to the organizing bookshop Le Sabot was smashed the glass.

These attacks show that it is in the area but an active Nazi scene is, even when city and population issues not usually (do) and, either actively or just with toleration and non-intervention in the Nazi actions, the set anti-fascist resistance obstacles in the way . Was approved by the city for the Nazi rally in November last year without any restrictions, the best route on the B9. In February this route for an anti-fascist demonstration was banned because something yes, "a barrier to traffic." It was also at the Nazi rally the anti-fascist rally prohibited on the marketplace, since you the people not "harass" should. Anti-fascism is the city that is a "nuisance", where a cordon of Nazi demo of half the city core, so that the Nazis was also nice to show through the rest of the city and you also will notice so no protest.

establish the ever-increasing violence of the Nazis and the Ahr valley projects fascist structures in the city is to be regarded with great concern.
It is clear that if stop by the city to the anti-fascist resistance and tolerate further attempts to continue the Nazis, they spread further and stronger. Yet we must not let it come!

There can be no question, and when all houses are attacked in peace nor freedom, if some areas as an alternative or "foreign" looking people, for safety reasons, must be avoided.

Therefore, it should be the duty of each to confront fascist ideas, and all the excesses committed in order to ensure its own peace and our own freedom.

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