Monday, March 21, 2011

Merci, along with the rest of the Arroyo clique should be punished by the People's Court!

Merci, along with the rest of the Arroyo clique
should be trialed by the People's Court!

After long months of complaint filing and dismissing comes an approval-as the legislature recommended the impeachment and resignation of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez alongside the firing of members of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for "neglecting, weakening and complicating" the plunder case against former military comptroller Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia and his family.

This action, especially stressing the former, showed a step-by-step basis leading to the prosecution of former President Arroyo. It also meant a "major change" as many people are yearning about it.

We've noticed back then on how Merceditas Gutierrez handled the Ombudsmanship, from the "illegal, unjust, improper or inefficient" handling of cases to the inaction on the Fertilizer Fund scam, Euro Generals and the Mega Pacific scandal, these anomalies obviously affected the Ombudsman's prestige as dispenser of justice in Government-related affairs. Worse, it manifests much like those of the Arroyo Fascist clique as a Bureaucrat-Capitalist, using the Government for personal interest.

And aside from the familiar crimes shown, there are other crimes Merci would have been faced upon, namely:

1.) her refusal to prosecute then police Director Eliseo de la Paz for his illegal act of not declaring before Customs officials the more than $10,000.00 he brought out of the country despite his public admission under oath that he committed the illegal act.

2.) failure to take action on the poll automation contract awarded to the Mega Pacific Consortium that was declared anomalous and void by the Supreme Court in 2004.

These negligences made by the Ombudsman herself left a legacy that is, an Arroyo stooge trying to resist the changes laid by the Aquino administration. She failed to take things seriously yet she got much kickbacks out of certain issues related to government-related scams and scandals around it. These manifests the people's will to Impeach her, the same people who wanted to persecute Arroyo for the crimes made against the majority.

According to Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas, vice-chairperson of the House justice panel which recommended the impeachment complaint, said the huge number of lawmakers who voted to approve the impeachment case is a “clear signal" of the lower chamber’s support of the case.

However, Ang Galing Pinoy party-list Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo, one of the lawmakers who voted against the approval of the case, meanwhile said that he thinks Gutierrez did not commit any impeachable offense. As he said in a speech to explain his vote:

“I feel that the accusations do not constitute any impeachable offense precisely because no probable cause has been established... Betrayal of public trust is a gray area being overwhelmed right now by a political agenda,"

Indeed, Arroyo kept on defending Merci for goddamn sake.

No offense so to speak about this, but despite the acceptance, of majority votes concerning the Impeachment it would take slow actions to continue the proceedings as the Arroyo clique, and remnants of the past regimes are creating a last-ditch effort to destroy the attempts to impeach their "Merci." The Iglesia Ni Cristo even lobbied to destroy the attempt in support of their "Merci" while the Arroyos staunchly voted against the Impeachment. Millions of Pilipinos are extremely criticizing Arroyo-yes, not because of voting against it, but of course, defending a colleague besieged by criticism and accurate complaints.

Worse, since it would lead to a direct thrust towards Arroyo et al. it may created another socio-politcal catastrophe that involves a conspiracy or a coup d'etat to be lead by these people and its allies pointing against the Aquino administration. Sounds crazy and be based upon gossip but "feasible" as most Arroyocrats and other allies of the past administration are obviously against Aquino's rule itself. And as noticed, Arroyo wanted much power to rule over the government-remember the Cha-Cha? She, as a congresswoman nowadays urged her constituents to support that attempt, all for the goddamn sake of taking back power once more.

People are starting to watch every news report concerning this hell-of-a-kind proceeding involving the Ombudswoman and even the entire Arroyo Corrupt-Fascist clique itself. For sure they would think too pragmatically about the procedures to the extent of thinking how "slow" the process really are in that impeachment court.

And thus,
Why not the people, tired of corruption, Fascism, anomaly of the past regimes call for a "People's court" similar to the ones being called "Terrorists?" The swift justice of the "People's court" would have end up these people be destined into their fates as every cases are being examined, discussed same as the conscience and behaviour of the accused individuals trying to defend their own selves in front of the people.

And if so, will the people agree upon to that request for a court greater than those of the legislature? On that proceeding the people itself will witness and cooperate better than those from the higher and lower organs of the current Government. Looking at China's example during the trials against the Gang of Four, most of the accused are extremely defiant in their actions in midst of countless criticisms against them, like the way Zhang Chunqiao refused to admit any wrong and Jiang Qing who protesting loudly against the judges. For sure Merci's impeachment would lead to Arroyo and her clique's prosecution, and regardless of their defiance, will never erase people's thought of demonizing them-for they obviously created what the people itself thinks much about they are.

Again, let the people call for the "People's court" to put Merci and the rest of the Arroyo clique and its allies into trial. Let their hard-headed inclinations face the people's wrath as expected while its allies and fanatics tremble in fear!