Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ex-NPA turned counter-revolutiuonary agent, killed by Philippine Army-AFP!

Ex-NPA turned counter-revolutiuonary agent, killed by Philippine Army-AFP!*

Macario “Ka. Karyo” Liwanag
Narciso Antazo Aramil Command - NPA-Rizal
Marso 27, 2011

Last January 29, 2011, officers of the 2nd Infantry Division (2nd ID-PA) issued a statement to the media that a certain Ryan Perez, an epileptic was killed through drowning in a 2 feet high water in the fishpond owned by 2nd ID-PA. Limited information was given to the press and to the family of the victim. The body was never sent to be autopsied by competent authorities.

When the revolutionary movement in Rizal got the news on Ryan Perez, an NPA team was immediately dispatch to check on the veracity of the report. As per our investigation, we have learned that the one killed claimed by the 2nd ID-PA as epileptic is none other than Mr. Ryan “Bogting” Perez, a former NPA member who was arrested by the Philippine Army operatives and was forced to become a counter-revolutionary agent and promised to become government soldier. Before his death, he was insisting to his handlers from the 2nd ID-PA that the military make good of their promise to become a government soldier with fixed salary or he would return back to his hometown in Montalban and rejoin the NPA. This irked his military handlers that they think of eliminating him than let him go back to the fold of the revolutionary movement.

Basing on the information that we gathered inside Camp Capinpin, coming from reliable sources, Mr. Ryan “Bogting” Perez was a victim of foul play. His military handlers decided to eliminate him but needed to make a credible story that the media and the public would buy. So the epileptic story was devised to make Bogting’s death believable.

The 2nd ID-PA declaration that Bogting’s died because of epilepsy is highly questionable. Bogting stayed longer with the NPA and we knew him since he was still a child. He showed no sign of epilepsy or any other health problems. He is strong as carabao. It is also questionable that Bogting could be drown in a two feet fishpond when he knows how to swim. As a matter of fact, Bogting was one of the great swimmers when he was still with the NPA. He can swim even in 8 to 10 feet high-running water. The three policemen led by P/Inspector Cuntapay held POW by the NPA last January 2009 in Rizal will prove it because he was one of the members of the custodial forces that helped them cross raging waters to avoid military pursuit operations

Thus we highly suspect that Mr. Ryan Perez experienced maltreatment before being drowned in a 2 feet fishpond. If the military can torture and maltreat candidate soldiers like the 9th ID-PA trainers did, they can easily maltreats and even eliminate ex-NPA who ceased to be of use to them. We therefore support the call of the family and relatives of Mr. Ryan” Bogting” Perez to seek justice for his untimely death. We also call on his mistress, Ms. Marilyn Anayat and other ex-NPA turned government agent like Mr. Alberto San Jose, to come out and speak out the truth about Ryan Perez’ sudden death. If you will not speak now, what happened to Bogting Perez will eventually happen to you once you cease to become useful to government counter-insurgency program named Oplan Bayanihan. Returning back to ordinary civilian life is more better than being used as mere pawns in the government counter-insurgency program and eventually eliminated after becoming useless in their terror campaign against the masses. OPLAN BAYANIHAN will meet the same failures as in the past counter-insurgency plan. It will be foiled by the fighting will of the masses and the entire revolutionary forces.


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