Friday, March 25, 2011



Lately, I sought a comment in the ABS-CBN website tackling about the recent vote for the Impeachment proceedings. Obviously, most of them agreed in it, while most of them, obviously Arroyo stooges, opposed in undertaking it.

But, on the comments page, I sought a message that seemed "Horrifying" to others, as a certain person named Milesaway last March 22, it said:

"Thanks for my representative the 2nd district of Pampanga. I Love GMA & she love our district too.

For those who voted YEA.. Congratulations for all of you.. You're winner by landslide. clap clap!!!!"

After reading it, will that message give you a good mood especially to that person praising a bureaucrat-capitalist who voted NO for the truth all for the goddamn sake of escaping from her responsibilities during her administration? Obviously, NOT. That regardless of the achievements taken (that in fact aren't being made by Arroyo but the entire people using their taxes), the crisis and anomalies that ex-President and her clique made itself tarnished its own image as a Statesperson, worse? To face the consequences as every case related to the last regime are being examined and assessed to the core.