Thursday, January 6, 2011

Noticing how manstream music nowadays became an ear rapist

Noticing how mainstream music nowadays became an ear rapist

Last afternoon, I heard a music played in my friend's laptop computer, the music being played at first seemed to be recognizable, but then it turned out to be a mere "remix" that is, heavily edited for a mere music song using a familiar tune-that for me, makes me to oppose it.

Speaking of oppose, how come I found that song being played unpalatable?

The songs being played, entitled "Check it Out" by Will I Am and Niki Minaj as well as the song "The time" made by the Black Eyed Peas compelled me to listen instead the songs they've sampled, that in fact "better" than what being played nowadays such as "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles and "The time of your life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. To others, they would think that I am compelled by nostalgia to listen instead to the original ones instead of the current ones that are being played in the radio and shown on MTV and Youtube!

Sorry for the words being typed upon since I, like those who admire the Buggles, Bill Medley, would think that the songs that are familiar in the 80s generation would think that is-being ruined away after using it as a sample. I may have admired the Black Eyed Peas yet I really think that the latest theme being played in the radio or shown in MTV or Youtube made me, and even the others would think that these songs are being-"raped." As according to one of the Youtube's viewers:

"No, no, no! They didn't JUST kill it... they raped it and then killed it, while also spitting in the face of '50s-'80s classics."

or even this:

"autotune killed the music today
auto tune killed the music today
technology came and broke my ears..."

The latter seemed to be obviously factual-remember Justin Bieber? He became popular after being a Youtube sensation, being praised much by young girls who think of him as a prepubescent guy while others think of him as a homosexual (sorry for the term). Bieber may have been popular because of the song "Baby" as well as other songs sung by that person, but as time goes by, it end up merely an earsore-especially if it is being played too much on the mainstream radio that has no specialties except mere music that is, usually played in the busline. Worse? Getting bombarded by autotune music, less talent and more into the physique, popularity and of course, profit all in the name of commercialization and commodification of Music.

Back to the topic,
I can't speak much clearly on why I ain't not to listen to Bieber, as well as the songs "Check it Out" and "The time" and instead listen to Rock, Metal, Ska, Punk, even retro music like those of the Buggles and Bill Medley. I may have listened to Lady Gaga yet her song "Bad Romance" sung by Caro Emerald is much better, and Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" seemed to be good to be listened as it being played by a bluegrass band named the Cleverlys.

Once, I played a native song sung by a folk band named Kadangayan and telling to the "rootless cosmopolitans" to "return to the roots". But one of the "rootless" replied to me too subjectively and thinking that kind of music sung by Kadangyan as "weird" and "unpopular" comparing to Bieber (and even telling me to join with the folk artists!).
"Ya," I said, that at least that is really music being played comparing to auto tuned, commercialized music being produced, played for goddamn sake of popularity. They may have listened, admired the songs they've used to, but haven't been in a music fete or any related festivity "full of wine and song" while waiting for their savior like Bieber or any other singers that are "popular" to come to the Philippines and play their crass sound music with some bouts of "handsome looks" for the fans haha! One person even replied me the same reply the former said, this time telling me the music being sung by Kadangayan are songs of the ignorant and of the fool! Oh god! What a rootless person are they isn't it?

Noticing what kind of person they are, only to be replied that the ones who are deeply from the roots are the flowers while theirs are merely weeds and grasses trying to suck the nutrients from the soil for their own sake leaving the culture dying. Isn't it obvious much that these people, being "rootless cosmopolitans" having no sense in their surrounding at all and instead getting contented in their boxed-up mindsets? Oh god! If they called most "haters" of their music as stupid or any other deregatory sentiment, only to be replied by their acts that is, obviously similar to what being said so-that they have no culture, breeding, heritage as they are drooled to listen to the "meaningless sentiments" courtesy of mainstream radio and other forms of mass media being controlled by the system.

And speaking of that system who controls media, they somehow obviously bringing trash in every mindset-the culture most of the people nowadays became too worse than better to engage into it.

Again, what makes me oppose is their unpalatability-but it doesn't mean that includes an all-out offensive against the dignity of a fanatic; but attitude, whether from their idol or their follower somehow destroys the character, warmth and complexity of what being shown to the rest, so are the songs being played too much on the radio or shown in MTV or in Youtube.

After all,
I don't join the flow what they've joined-for I resist it.