Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il as KPA Supreme Commander Celebrated in 60 Countries and Regions-KCNA

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il as KPA Supreme Commander
Celebrated in 60 Countries and Regions

Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- At least 60 countries and regions celebrated the 19th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il′s gaining of the supreme commandership of the Korean People′s Army.

Political parties, organizations and personages of different strata published statements to congratulate Kim Jong Il and praise his Songun leadership feats. They include the chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Bangladesh National Socialist Party, chairman of the Communist Workers′ Party of Finland for Peace and Socialism, the chairman of the Friendship Society Norway-Korea and British organizations of friendship and for the study of the Juche idea.

Celebrations were held by political parties, organizations and regional bodies. They include the Union Solidarity and Development Party of Myanmar, Genuine Lumumbist Patriotic Party of Democratic Congo, Communist Party in Sweden, the Secretariat of the Pan-African Movement, the International Alliance of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Policy in East European and Central Asian Regions.
Articles hailing Kim Jong Il were edited in bulletins and posted on Internet homepages by political parties and organizations of different countries and regional and international organizations. They include the Brazilian Communist Party, Bangladesh Group for the Study of the Songun Policy, the Bulgaria-Korea Friendship Association, and the Asian Regional Instiute of the Juche idea.