Saturday, January 29, 2011

Songun, Ever-victorious Banner of Country and Revolution--Rodong Sinmun (KCNA)

Songun, Ever-victorious Banner of Country and Revolution--Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Saturday dedicates a by-lined article to the 8th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il′s work "The Songun-based Revolutionary Line Is a Great Revolutionary Line of Our Era and an Ever-Victorious Banner of Our Revolution".

This work, published on January 29, 2003, clarifies the idea that independent, strong armed forces are needed to save the destiny of each country and nation and lead the revolution and construction to victory. It also expounds the resolute stand of the Workers′ Party of Korea that the Korean People′s Army guarantees peace, the socialist country and worthwhile and happy life of the people.
The article says:

The great reality of our country, witnessed over the past eight years since the publication of the work, proves that the banner of Songun raised by the WPK is an ever-victorious banner and that prosperity of the country and happiness of all generations to come can be achieved only under the Songun politics.

The Songun politics is an invincible treasured sword for defending the independent dignity of the country and the nation. It is a banner of single-minded unity, the source of invincibility of the Korean revolution, and a powerful treasured sword for prosperity of the country.

The Korean people do every thing in their own way, holding high the banner of independence despite the complicated and acute situation.

The historic WPK Conference held last year was a significant event that fully showed the might of single-minded unity of our revolutionary ranks around the headquarters of the revolution.

The soldiers′ ideological and moral power prevails over the whole country and all the people bring about amazing events one after another to hasten the day of victory in building a thriving nation by following the example of the army. This is the proud reality of our country advancing under the banner of Songun.