Friday, January 28, 2011

The Quattromondial Monument and the Left

The Quattromondial Monument and the Left

by Lualhati Madlangawa Guererro

While I went in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, I sought a monument that is, modern and strikingly different from the age-old cement and iron-casted statues of the past. I found it nice so to speak, but on the other hand, lies a different interpretation that I had to think.

Quattromondial Monument

This Monument, inaugurated last Friday, said that it was to symbolize the University’s legacy to the nation, the Church, and the family. And it features four human figures carrying a globe, all representing the major groups of the Thomasian community—the male student, the female student, the mentor, and the monk-scholar.

But on the other hand, I also think that this larger-than-life 10-meter monument made of bronze and glass by rendered by Ramon Orlina, may also carry a different perspective-especially of a Left-wing one.

Russian Lenin's Tomb, called

One of the models for the Proposed Lenin's Tomb in Russia

That monument seemed similar to one of the proposed models of Lenin's tomb in Moscow. Made by an unknown architect and designer so to speak, it shows a globe being carried by four people like the monument in UST, but it all represents the major groups of a Socialist community what Marx and Lenin envisioned-the male Worker, female Peasant, Soldier and the Student. Carrying a globe of the word with a red star on top, signifying Socialism and its initiator, Russia.

The Quattromondial monument, according to UST's Varsitarian, also stated that the globe being carried by the four beings stands for globalization, an inevitable event in the 21st century. And the image also displays the University’s concern for the adverse effects of progress and its efforts to adapt to change.

Good to say to, but Globalization can't be an inevitable event as more and more People around the world are getting tired of what Globalization set so. The Philippines, being a Third world country, remains in a state of poverty all due to its present conditions as a Semifeudal, Semicolonial country, and Globalization, being an idea of the modern-day oppressors, doesn't support humanity, but of course, exploiting it. Since the Dominican Friars spoke of Globalization as inevitable, so is the masses's struggle for Internationalism, that is, far greater than the former; and as the tide of progress continues in this century, of adapting certain changes to ensure stability, lies doubts that involves contradictions-such as the conservatism of the Dominican Order and the progression of the studentry and even the young members of the Order itself. We must also remember that since they are moving in the signs of the times, may possibly come forth the ideas involving Faith and the Society such as Liberation theology, Christian Social Teaching, National Democracy, even Modernism and other products of the Enlightenment-that is, detrimental to the conservatism laid upon by years. They may've speak of "Globalization" yet will they accept the Theology of Liberation, of genuinely ensuring the rights and welfare of the students, like scrapping a decree regarding long hair and the like?

After all, that monument in UST, personally to say is a homage to the original monument according to the drawings laid for the late Lenin's grave.