Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nepal – People’s Liberation Army Says They Will Not Hand Over Arms

Nepal – People’s Liberation Army Says They Will Not Hand Over Arms*

Kathmandu, 7 January

“We don’t hand over the arms to the caretaker government; the arms will be with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is in the process of integration,” said PLA Chief Nanda Kishor Pun ‘Pasang’ talking with correspondent of The Red Star today.

Clarifying the issue of the arms that has been raised by the government to be the expression of breaching all the understandings and the agreements committed before. He added that the weapons are the weapons not stolen from anywhere or given by the government; rather the weapons are exchanged by the blood of the warriors who were/are fighting against the feudalism and comprador capitalism.

The caretaker government or one of the concerned actors of the peace process has no ethical right even to pronounce this word. No one concerned actor has its right to violate the procedures of ongoing peace process and push the nation into a long term violation.

In course of talk, Pasang added that he is not dissatisfied with the leaders of the party; we are talking for the exit from national complexities that are created objectively within the party and tough conspiracy in the nation by the elements, who want to derail the peace process.

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