Sunday, January 16, 2011

Imperialists′ Aggressive and Predatory Nature Remains Unchanged-KCNA

Imperialists′ Aggressive and Predatory Nature Remains Unchanged

Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The imperialists are now talking a great deal about "peace" and "economic prosperity." They claim that without them is it impossible to settle any international dispute nor is it possible for the developing countries to achieve development in the new century. These remarks are, however, nothing but sophism to cover up their wild ambition for aggression, plunder and domination.

Rodong Sinmun Sunday observes this in a bylined article.

It goes on:

If there be imperialism not seeking aggression and plunder, it is no longer imperialism.

The imperialists pretend to be "peace champions." But this is just a crafty and cunning art of disguise to benumb the world people′s awareness and achieve their aggressive and predatory purposes. It is their general strategic goal to destroy the world independent forces with their policy of strength, war strategy, turn the international community into a "unipolar world" dominated by them and exercise an unlimited right to domination.

The aggressive nature of the imperialists remains unchanged and it is getting more pronounced as the days go by. This is clearly proved by the disastrous wars that have taken place in the international arena since the demise of the Cold War.
The "security" and "anti-terrorism" touted by the imperialists are a synonym for aggression, war and military intervention.

The economic crisis like financial crisis and resource crisis now sweeping all over the capitalist world is further stirring up the imperialists′ greed.
The main thrust of the present world strategy of the imperialists is to get a monopoly of resources.

They are making their ways deep to other countries under the pretext of "joint development" and "assistance" in a bid to loot more natural resources.
The developing countries are the main targets of their plunder.

To have illusion about the imperialists and compromise with them without principle, failing to have a proper understanding of their real nature is little short of playing into their hands.