Saturday, January 15, 2011

Earlier: Gauguin, Then: Le Cirque, (followed by Hotdogs) Now: Porsche, WHAT'S NEXT?

Earlier: Gauguin, Then: Le Cirque, (followed by Hotdogs) Now: Porsche,

Last time, we heard the news regarding President Benigno Aquino III having a third Hand Porsche for himself. And most people are in different opinions, praises regarding that kind of act that President of a third world country did-especially in front of the public.

Some would say that that is his money and he had the right to buy it, but most tend to criticize that latest act he've done since in the middle of the crisis how come he, the President of the Republic hath done so? Especially that he himself wanted austerity measures yet he bought that hell of a kind vehicle, telling that is a third hand one and expressed that he had a right to buy it, using his money!

Let's say that ok, he had the right for that, but then he himself, as the President of the Republic spoke of austerity measures all in midst of the crisis surrounding the entire country. Or rather say, is that a part of reforming? Buying a new car, creating a new set of notes and everything according to his minions and of the Liberal Party? How about the Peasant problem? How come it haven't been solved yet after so many decades passed?

Yes, Aquino himself may told to the people that the money being spent is his, yet it seems that his actions are also contrary to the simplicity of his parents, whom we think of as role models so to speak?

After all, as according to Cito Beltran, in his article, he said:

"In this season of discontent it was no surprise to hear that the President’s alleged Porsche cruising activity was no different from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo eating a thousand dollar dinner at Le Cirque in New York."

Yes, and as we remember that, once he, being the President of the Republic spoke of reforms and other related rhetoric as part of changing the country-and it includes austerity measures that, may help in alleviating the status of the country after the last administration.

As we noticed that latest news, followed by other related events involving the President, it seems that how come he did so? Again, his defenders may tell the people that the money being used came from the President's pocket, and he had the right to do so; but still despite the words being said and done, they didn't notice that we are in the middle of the crisis, and none not even one reform hath been seriously implemented yet! Isn't it obvious that the President is making a slap amongst the poor? Especially the farmers in his Hacienda Luisita, still fighting for genuine land reform; and of the students fighting for tuition freeze and additional budget for State Colleges and Universities; as well as workers, employees for grater wages?

Returning to our history, we repetitively remember how famous, notorious personalities done those kinds of things that, too contrary to the realities being happened. We remember Imelda Marcos bought expensive paintings, spent foreign funds to build the Cultural Centre complex; of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who dine at Le Cirque that is, a million; and now the current helmsman of the State bought a third hand Porsche that is worth 4.5 million pesos that can possibly feed hundreds of masses or as a budget in building basic facilities or whatsoever and prove that he deserves to carry the legacy of his parents as simple beings, of buying Fred Perry instead of Porsche!

And speaking of those historical information, is the President's Porsche, worth 4.5 million pesos serves a guiding light for the masses similar to the paintings Imelda bought that, may possibly worth greater than Aquino's? If so, then Dios por Santo!

For sure most people think differently about this kind of act the President did. And again, with the help of his propaganda mill, would still tell that the money being spent came from his own pocket, and he, a single guy had a right to buy that goddman Porsche; but then we are still in the middle of the crisis that there's a need a greater measure of austerity.

And again, accoring to Beltran, said:

"The Filipino people are very open-minded, appreciative people, but at a time when the slogan “Matuwid na daan” has been replaced by “Matarik na daan” (steep path) because of increasing and steep prices, it is no surprise that those who believed in you now take offense."

Yes, we are appreciating people and achievements, but does Aquino's Porsche helps in reforming the country? Of giving the land to the landless, decrease prices and fees, increasing wages, build roads and bridges, paying off debts and making the Philippine prosperous?

"Noynoy just gave some dignity to the Office of the President." According to one blogsite, sounds enough to tell what Imelda said to the rest that "I'm a magpie for beauty. But what God doesn't give, you have to make yourself." And buying Porsche may possibly be a cure all as the country's helmsman thinks of.

God forbid, but he didn't know what is he doing that time giving dignity to the Presidency, but can possibly generate anger from the Campesinos and Descamisados at the same time. So Noy, prepare for the response, for they are willing to march towards Malacanang!