Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Egypt, water cannon, tear gas

In Egypt, water cannon, tear gas*

In Egypt, police used water cannon and tear gas,
in dispersing the demonstrators

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Egyptian police began to disperse thousands of demonstrators on the capital's central El Tahrir Square. According to information received, a unit of the riot police some time ago began to use tear gas grenades and water cannons, pusjing protesters in the surrounding streets.

From 20 to 30 thousand people gathered Tuesday night in downtown Cairo in the "Day of Anger" - anti-government protests organised by the main opposition parties and movements of the country in the wake of recent events in Tunisia. Protesters have promised to hold an indefinite strike until such time until their demands are met - the resignation of the government, dissolve parliament, raise in wages. Previously, authorities have warned they will not allow protesters to remain on Tahrir square.

Reportedly, the protesters resisted police, periodically engage them in skirmishes. Riot police, trying to calm the raging crowd, is also actively beating protestors with rubber truncheon. To the area have been sent dozens of ambulances.

On Tuesday, in clashes with security forces, three people were killed , including two protesters and a policeman having received a fatal injury from a stone thrown from the crowd, reports ITAR-TASS.

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