Saturday, January 8, 2011

No to peace talks and yes to surrender? well...DEATH TO FASCISM FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE!

No to peace talks and yes to surrender?


Last year, President Benigno Aquino III spoke of resuming the peace process between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front. The latter, being pragmatic and optimistic about the talks are willing to resume after being stalled by obstacles made by the last Arroyo administration-that resorted to a series of discussions concerning Peace, Social Problems, including the state of the Political Prisoners and other related acts-like the recent Cease-fire that some soldiers from the AFP disregard and continued their operations.

But, In response to the call for resuming the peace process, the hawkish Right-wingers in the Philippines trembled in fear, and instead they kept on insisting surrender and even by force to end up the conflict against the "terrorists" as what they called for.

"No to Peacetalks, YES to Surrender!"

These sentiments bear their absolute tendency of ending the insurgency as the main problem of poverty in the Philippines and not the "other way around" according to their interpretation. But then, it seems that as the repression laid by the State, their ally so to speak, continues to be tolerated-like forced disappearances, creation of paramilitary units served to oppress the people, and of sowing fear using the pretext of "Anti-Communism" and "Anti-Terrorism" as a means to intensify conflict meant a tendency to rise a new wave of opposition to gather against the rotten state-as well as its allies who kept on justifying "police actions" and "extrajudicial means" as a means to end the problem.

For sure their extrajudicial acts made by the State, and justified by its allies reminds of the acts laid by the Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese against the Pilipino people. And speaking of justifications, did they justify the acts against the Hukbalahaps like the killing of Squadron 77 in central Luzon after surrender and handing over arms? Of Oplan Jabidah that killed Moros? Of the unresolved cases of the deaths of Olalia and Lean Alejandro? Of forced disappearances, Martial law-era atrocities and similar acts attributed to the Philippine military and its allies? Is this what Pilipino Democracy offered to the people- a series of extrajudicial police actions?

Well... It reminds of Argentina, of Chile and other countries in Latin America that their Governments, being client states of the United States, Banana Republics, tolerates action against those who oppose against the policies laid to the people-from blaming them as Communists to massive imprisonment and execution while making certain "projects" that are well funded by the US yet tainted with corruption! Isn't it obvious that in a pretext of "Anti-Communism", "Anti-Terrorism" lies currying foreign support and letting themselves be client States, Banana Republics and its societies be Semicolonial and Semifeudal? Most countries in Latin America may have transcend this problem, but the horrors laid by such regimes still undergone in a series of trials in order to end.

But for the people of the Philippines, the horrors of the system can't be erased immediately till justice be served from those who initiated actions against the people, those who justified it, to once allies turned foes, or rather say, bandits bannering the red flag. And these horrors lies enough tendency to continue the conflict-fueled by economic conditions, atrocities and the like-that is obviously factual than the Right-wingers' interpretation that Insurgency lies poverty and other similar ideas that sow confusion worse than their so called "Terrorists".

Speaking of surrender, will the Rebels do so? Perhaps few would lie down their arms and do so, but it doesn't mean that all will follow that certain act. The conditions are clear that poverty, corruption, landlordism, Fascism, anything that makes a rotten regime deteriorates the state of the Nation intensifies the struggle that blood and gunpowder offers. In short, if the "Terrorists" surrender, will "State Terrorism" end? What a joke.

The war in the Philippines will continue, just to spill more blood of Pilipinos, NPAs and AFP men. In the present scenario, despite the talks for peace, the Rebels, the Terrorists whom the System branded will not surrender to the Order, and its overseer America, seeing the experience of the past days as lessons. And if the right wingers insist on "No to Peacetalks and Yes to surrender", few will accept and most will doubt-remembering the Martial Law atrocities or worse-the Squadron 77 massacre laid by the State against the Hukbalahap. So "No to Peacetalks and Yes to surrender?" Perhaps their reply is "No to Surrender, all for offensive, DEATH TO FASCISM! FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE!"