Sunday, January 16, 2011

10th ID-AFP troops in combat missions hit in successive NPA tactical offensives in Southern Mindanao

10th ID-AFP troops in combat missions
hit in successive NPA tactical offensives in Southern Mindanao*

Anvil Guinto
Crucifino Uballas Command,
Front 2 Operational Command,
NPA-Southern Mindanao
January 10, 2011

Red fighters under the Crucifino Uballas Command-Front 2 Operations Command-New People’s Army (CUC-NPA) in Southern Mindanao successfully launched two successive tactical offensives against fascist enemy troops in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Province.

On January 6, a team of the CUC-NPA hit the Reengineered Special Operations Team (RSOT) of the 3rd Special Forces Battalion-AFP in Barangay Magdum, Tagum City. Three enemy troops were killed in the early morning ambush. The NPA confiscated three high-powered rifles: two M16 Armalite rifles and one M203 grenade launcher. Two days later, on January 8, another team of the CUC-NPA ambushed an enemy platoon of the 71st Infantry Battalion-AFP in Sitio Darot, Barangay Libudon, Mabini, Compostela Valley Province. At least one enemy was killed-in-action. There was no casualty on the NPA side.

Contrary to what 10th ID-AFP Lt. Col. Medel Aguilar claims, these fascist troops are heavily armed combat effectives and are legitimate military targets under the protocols of war and the Geneva Conventions.

In a bid to sway public sentiment, the 10th ID-AFP peddles the ‘peace and development’ line and the so-called AFP ‘peace outreach programs’ — whose aims are actually to engage in psychological warfare against the masses and smokescreen the intensified AFP combat operations in Compostela Valley Province, Davao del Norte and the whole region. These civil-military operations cum psychological operations (psy ops) which have been officially adopted by the AFP under Benigno Aquino III’s Oplan Bayanihan — is but a rehash of the criminal Gloria Arroyo’s Oplan Bantay Laya — and follows the US Counterinsurgency Guide to the letter.

The 10th ID-AFP’s frenzied attempts to deodorize its vicious and much hated image by means of hollow “peace” rhetoric and fancy “development” catch phrases are easily uncovered by the toiling masses who have been at the receiving end of fascist deceit and brutality. Menacing wolves can never win the hearts and minds of the people no matter how much they don sheep’s clothing — their fascist fangs always give them away.

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