Sunday, June 27, 2010

UK-KFA Statement regarding the 60th anniversary of the fatherland liberation war


Statement regarding the 60th anniversary of the fatherland liberation war

London 26 June

June 25th is the anniversary of the start of the Korean War.Wilfred Burchett Australian journalist and writer(then a Daily Express correspondent) described it as "this monstrous war".Indeed it was the US the imperialist superpower mobilised not only its own armed forces but the armed forces of the south Korean puppets and 15 satellite countries to attack a small country thousands of miles away.

The US used germ weapons as well napalm they threatened to use nuclear weapons.They committed horrendous massacres at Sinchon Ri and Susan Ri in the north and at Rogun Ri at the south.The Korean peoples great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung said that the US barbarity was worse than the Hitler Nazis.

The US imperialists fought an unjust war to subjugate a small and peaceful country,'the land of the morning calm'.The Yanks aimed to seize control of the whole country so that they could have troops on the Russian and Chinese borders,also to put an end to the successful Korean revolution and building of socialism led by the great leader president Kim Il Sung and get their greedy paws on the resources of the
DPRK.The barbaric war waged by the US and its satellites prevented Korea,a homogeneous nation,from being reunified.

Progressives in the UK demanded "Hands Off Korea" and 'bring our troops back home'.Lawyer Jack Gaster visited the DPRK as part of an international fact finding delegation exposing the US atrocities.Renown scientist Joseph Needham exposed US imperialism' s criminal germ warfare in Korea. UK KFA carries on this proud tradition.

Now the US imperialists and their followers far from learning lessons have increased the tension in Korea by faking up the Cheonan case which is a blatant fabrication.

We say stop lies about the DPRK!
We say pull the US troops out of Korea now and dissolve the ghost like "UNC" in south Korea!
Stop RIMPAC 2010!