Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The revolutionary movement in Mindanao has advanced under the US-Arroyo regime, and will further advance under Noynoy Aquino's term-NDF

The revolutionary movement in Mindanao has advanced under the US-Arroyo regime, and will further advance under Noynoy Aquino's term

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao
June 29, 2010

The US-Arroyo regime will go down in history as the most corrupt and one of the more unpopular regimes our country ever had, owing this distinction much on scandalously enriching itself while pushing the Filipino people down to worst poverty levels.

Like all other fascist regimes before it, its National Internal Security Plan (NISP) code named Oplan Bantay Laya, is responsible for the deaths of more than a thousand who fell victim to extra-judicial killings and whose brutal military campaigns and operations have committed the most brazen of human rights violations in recent history, and caused the dislocation of millions of people.

As a US puppet regime, it has been overly compliant in overseeing and ensuring the unhampered imperialist plunder of our natural resources, resulting in the degradation and devastation of our environment. Ever loyal to US dictates, the Arroyo regime has, in shameless disregard of national sovereignty, ushered in the continued basing in our land of US troops.

It has wielded its most virulent and violent state apparatus -- the AFP and its other armed minions -- in its desperate attempt to defeat the revolutionary movement. However, like all its predecessor reactionary regimes, it dreamed but miserably failed to suppress the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (MLM). In fact, its corrupt, fascist and puppet 9-year rule is one major factor for the further advance of the revolutionary movement nationwide as well as in Mindanao.

Under the US-Arroyo regime, the New People's Army (NPA) in Mindanao has grown from 30 to 39 guerilla fronts. In the midst of the brutal military campaigns under Oplan Bantay Laya, the NPA in Mindanao has successfully intensified its tactical offensives, organizing, arming and training more than a dozen additional platoons, supported by thousands of People's Militias.

Over the last 9 years its mass base has expanded, continuously consolidating these and initially establishing people's organs of political power. Agrarian revolution and other related campaigns have continued to gain ground, which, have benefitted hundreds of thousands of people in the countryside.

Our Party organization has also grown stronger and is continuously gaining wide and deep roots among the masses.

The extreme isolation of the US-Arroyo regime has broadened the people's unity in Mindanao and emboldened them to openly express their opposition in increasing number and frequency against the unbridled corruption of the regime, its fascist brutality, puppetry to imperialists, and all its anti-people economic and political policies.

The euphoria and the "hope" offered by the incoming Noynoy Aquino era are not enough to effect basic change to the semi-feudal and semi-colonial character of the Philippine society because the Aquino regime is basically no different from all other previous reactionary and puppet regimes. We have once witnessed how our people's hope and dreams for genuine land reform, national industrialization, better life and the end of corruption during the administration of Noynoy's mother, the late Cory Aquino, ended in utter frustration, with promises unfulfilled.

Behind the new faces of these new guards of the bourgeois state, in the main they come from the same big bourgeois and big landlord classes that has long ruled our country. Catapulted to victory through a high-tech poll process attended with irregularities, they are expected to promote and protect the interests of the ruling classes, including those of their imperialist masters. In fact the new administration is evasive on the issue of genuine land reform and national industrialization, and silent on the US imperialist incursion in both our political and economic life.

Our country's chronic socio-economic crisis in the midst of the ever worsening worldwide capitalist system is a fertile ground for the continued advance of the people's war nationwide to a higher stage within the 6-year term of Noynoy Aquino. The momentum of the revolutionary movement in Mindanao in the last 9 years is an indication of our potential to achieve greater victories towards a new stage.

The revolutionary forces in Mindanao are determined to do its share in advancing the people's war forward even as we fully support the National Democratic Front of the Philippines' effort to find a peaceful settlement of the root causes of our country's long standing civil war.

Should the new administration choose to resolve our social conflict mainly by "unsheating the swords of war" as the late Cory Aquino did, it will come down in history as just another regime that dreamed but failed to stave off the revolutionary fervor of the masses demanding for national liberation and democracy.