Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gaza child's notebook with pictures of shaheeds*

Gaza child's notebook with pictures of shaheeds

Last time, I sought a page online regarding the plight of the Palestians for freedom and self determination against Israeli rule. Somehow it involves much violence and at the same time becomes an inspiration for the arts as others may say.

In an Israeli Foreign Affairs page, I found this page featuring a notebook full of clippings, pictures regarding the Intifadeh and the Palestinian struggle in general. The Israelis somehow think of it as "weird" but then it really shows how Palestinian children willing to become freedom fighters like their parents and their relatives do.

And according to the Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The following are selected pages from the notebook of a Gaza schoolchild, dating apparently from 2002. They include newspaper clippings and pictures of shaheeds (martyrs), Yasser Arafat and bin Laden, along with slogans, songs and verses from the Koran. The English text is a translation of the original Arabic written by the schoolchild.

The front cover of the notebook is decorated with a colorful cartoon of birds and the ducks. On the back cover - a picture of a shaheed.

A photo of Osama bin Laden.
Text: "[Who raised the heavens so that] America should not live securely as long as we do not live in Palestine."

Three suicide bombers.
(Top) "They killed you by treachery/ They killed you by force/ They killed you by cowardice/ And the cowards do not know that you live forever in our hearts."
(Bottom): A verse from the Koran generally attributed to a shaheed -
"Don't think of those who died for the sake of Allah as dead. They are alive and getting sustenance from God."

Palestinian terrorist holding a baby.
Text: "If you are a shaheed, you are a ruler."

Children with keffiyahs posing under photos of Yasser Arafat.
Text: "Teach your children to love the land. Teach them that if you water the land with your blood, the revolution will grow."

Text: "Strike, for the language of the bullet is the pure language."

Text: "I want to be a shaheed to bring peace [tranquility] to my country."

In reading these words, I may say that not all Palestinians, especially behind those pictures are deemed to be terrorists, they are just fighting for their freedom. The Israelis somehow must understand this since they did the same act-of having pictures and of events their migrant ancestors did. If they assail Hamas, Fatah, did they forgot their ancestor's actions similar to theirs? Of Irgun and the Stern Gang? Both sides did the act we may call as "terrible." Only the latter did the worse.

They are "Unknown soldiers, men without uniform."